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Menu Covers – Mirror The Taste Of Restaurants

Bonded Leather Menu CoversMenu covers speak a million words about the quality and standards of a restaurant. They create the first impressions of a dining establishment. Beautiful, well-maintained and unique covers enhance a customer’s appetite and dining experience by displaying the food choices in a more appealing manner.

Apart from protecting a menu from spills and wear, nicely schemed menu covers can entice the diners to enjoy their meal and spend more money. The success of a restaurant partly depends on the professional menu cover that conveys the theme of the inside décor.


A variety of menu covers are available that fit the taste and budget of every restaurant. The covers are usually washable, wipeable or disposable. They vary in size, style and quality depending on the need and type of the restaurant. Menu cover materials are usually plastic, vinyl, fabric, canvas, cork and leather.

Many designers and manufacturers create custom-made covers that suit the client’s taste, budget and other requirements. The plastic ones are easy to maintain since the stains can be easily wiped off them. A leather or vinyl cover gives an elegant look. An artistic cover conveys the aesthetic feelings of the restaurant. The classy covers with gold or silver lettering accentuate the style of the eatery. The trendy, heavy-brass corners lend a graceful look and strong reinforcement. The Restaurant’s logo or message can add a special touch. The soft, padded, or silken tactile covers give the diners a different experience.

The front and back covers of the menu hold the entire food choices in low to mid-range eateries. The high-end restaurants provide the wine list and dessert list separately. The wine list is usually a bit thicker than the main menu while the dessert list is a bit smaller than the main menu.


Quality ensures extra durability and better transparency to restaurant menu covers. The covers remain smooth, lay flat form without becoming wavy over time. Bonded thread, special grade vinyl, turned edge construction, large heavyweight corners are important to ascertain this quality. Good quality binding is essential to hold the menu cover together. The bonded thread gives a superior strength, stretch and is resistant to chemicals, fungi, bacteria, sunlight, wear and abrasion. It guarantees that the binding stays attached to the covers for a very long time. Superior vinyl is resistant to most cleaning solutions preventing discoloration or warping of covers. It is also resistant to oil, grease and moisture.

Taking Care Of Menu Covers

Use quaternary sanitizers to clean the restaurant menu covers. Avoid the use of citrus-based cleaners since they eat away the plastic and weaken the stitching. Never clean the covers using a solution with bleach as they cause discoloration to the plastic.

Store menu covers at temperatures between 50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Extreme cold temperature causes cracking while extreme warm weather will cause warping of the plastic. Direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight will degrade vinyl by causing discoloration, warping and cracking. Store the covers by laying them flat to avoid abrasion on the binding, split corners and scratches on the vinyl.

Although, menu covers seem relatively insignificant, their importance goes unquestioned in projecting the restaurants in good taste. Their design and quality undoubtedly enhances the credibility and success of the restaurant.