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Menu Covers Can Make A Difference

Bonded Leather Menu CoverAlthough the purpose of going to a restaurant is basically to have your favorite food, it is also about having food in a pleasant ambience in the company of family or friends. The choice of a restaurant depends largely on the type of cuisine they offer but there are also other factors that influence the decision like proximity, prices, quality of food, style and service. On some occasions, a particular restaurant is chosen merely because the person has not been there before and wishes to try out its cuisine.

Importance of Menu Covers

Once a customer enters a restaurant his mind will process the ambience, the furniture, and the place where he is seated. Almost immediately thereafter, he will be provided with the menu which will go a long way in his mental assessment of the restaurant as a whole. The menu cover will be the first thing that will attract his attention and almost sub-consciously he will size up the quality of the restaurant and grade it for the future. A menu cover is a symbol of the style, service, and quality of the restaurant and as such it should be created in such a way that it spells luxury, delectable cuisine and good service. The design of the menu cover and its contents should reflect the style, standard and environment of the restaurant.

Menu covers can be made with using the cheapest materials or the most expensive materials like fine quality leather. If a customer enters  a restaurant and is handed an exquisitely designed, luxurious menu, it will create a lasting impression in his mind. If he finds that the food and service is also to his liking, this place will be added to his list of favorite restaurants.

Leather Menu Covers

A menu which is leather bound with a flocked or grained outer surface is a luxury to handle and it gives a pleasurable feeling when you touch it. It can bring a smile to the face of the customer. Usually, the finest quality leather is used and it is cut to the required size. Rich color is added by casting the leather three times in a dye. On top of the menu cover, a metal press plate is printed with whatever the restaurant owner wishes to convey to customers.

There is no doubt that such exclusive menus are expensive but it must be realized that this is only a one-time expenditure and such menu covers will last for a long time. With rising inflation and other costs, it becomes necessary for the restaurant owner to keep revising the prices in the menu from time to time but that does not mean that the whole menu has to be changed. The exclusive leather menu covers being used can remain the same and only the inside pages need to be reprinted, which will not cost much.

There are many innovative ways in which a leather menu cover can be created with superb and elegant craftsmanship. It can be further decorated to give it a classy look with gold or copper tips at one corner of the menu. These menu covers will last for a long time if they are maintained properly.

There should be an easy arrangement for changing the inside pages whenever there is a revision in the prices. This will be a much better option than going in for cheap menu covers and changing them all the time.