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Make Your Menu Covers Unique To Attract Customers!

Imitation Leather Menu CoversAlong with ambience, a restaurant’s menu covers leave that crucial first impression on your customers. Sub-consciously, customers make their opinions about the sort of hotel they are in on the basis of this first insight. Menu covers serve the dual purpose of protecting your menu cards as well as adding glamour and pizzazz to the surroundings of your restaurant.

Restaurant menu covers can really change the image of a restaurant. With eateries popping up all over the place, it is important to differentiate your eatery in as many aspects as possible. Customers notice and take in each and every aspect of your hotel. The amount of thought and time you have given to their experience will directly bear fruit in their repeated patronage.

The type of menu covers you choose should be based on:

•    What category of restaurant it is – budget, elite, or somewhere in between – the pricier the hotel, the more elegant the menu card and cover must be.
•    The kind of lighting the hotel has – dimmer lighting will require glossy covers, whereas bright lighting will necessitate matte finishes.
•    The type of food served in the hotel – fast food joints will not require stylish covers. In fact, the need there would be of a practical and durable cover.
•    Your target market – if you are pitching your café as a hip and happening hotspot for the young to ‘haunt’, your covers must symbolize the latest fad and fashions.
•    Price of printing the menu covers and the number of covers required – the number of covers you require will be a function of the seating capacity in your restaurant.
•    Time taken to order or re-order menu covers – if there is a long waiting time; it would be wiser to stock up.
•    Practicality and durability of the covers – a hotel is a long-term proposition and you must invest in durable products to avoid administrative hassles. Order low maintenance covers; they are more functional and sensible.

Available Choices with Menu Covers:

•    You can decide the color, weight, size, pages, designs, and patterns that you want on your menu covers.
•    Classy bistros have leather bound covers with gold or silver tips. You can also choose from plastic, wood, or vinyl covers depending on the type of café you have.
•    Innovative menu covers act as ice-breaking conversational pieces. Customers will appreciate your creativity and thoughtfulness.
•    Thematic covers are also attention-grabbing.

Take Care:

•    If you are aiming at attracting a high-end business crowd, don’t go for a whacky cover. It would not mesh with the ambience; the menu cover must not stand out garishly but rather add sophistication to the ambience.
•    The cover must be able to encapsulate the whole menu card.
•    It is very likely that the covers will get soiled frequently; plastic covers can be cleaned easily.
•    Whatever your budget, you must ensure that your artwork and designs are tasteful and appropriate.

The customer is king and must be spoiled in every way possible. Going out must be an experience that he will cherish. By taking care of the finer details like menu covers and table cloths, you will ensure that he has a memorable time and would want to relive the experience by re-visiting your restaurant.