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Long Lasting Menu Covers

Bonded Leather Menu CoverMenu covers that do not wear out are the best choice for any restaurant. They compliment the ambience and décor of the restaurant. It is essential to have good quality covers in order to maintain the brand image. They contribute towards improving customer experience. If the objective is to delight customers, then it is important to pay attention to detail.

Apart from focusing on the interiors, quality of service and food, restaurant owners must also pay attention to the finer aspects of serving customers. This can make a huge difference. Good quality menu covers are sure to make a mark in the minds of the customers. They make reading easy and guests do not have to struggle with poor quality menu covers that are a nuisance to handle. For instance, if the corners constantly turn inside, they can obstruct reading. Similarly, if the plastic coating turns semi-transparent, it may not be easy to read the menu items.

A good quality cover represents the face of your restaurant. It reflects the mood and ambience. When you buy menu covers wholesale, check for some of these factors. It will ensure that the cover remains in good condition for longer. There are different types of covers that are available in the market.

Types Of Menu Covers

•    Café Menu cover
•    Custom cover
•    Imitation Leather
•    Real leather
•    Leatherette cover
•    Check presenters
•    Wine list covers
•    Menu boards
•    Menu accessories

What To Look For?

Bonded thread:
The thread that is used for binding the menu is of prime importance. It will hold the pages in place and provide superior strength. A well bonded thread will be resistant to chemicals, bacteria, mildew, wear and tear, sunlight and abrasion. Bonded nylon thread is far more durable than a regular nylon thread. It has better tenacity and stretch. Typically, this thread is bonded by resin and finished with a special lubricant.

Graphics-grade vinyl: Good quality menu covers use graphic-grade vinyl, which is resistant to most of the cleaning solutions. It will not discolor or warp and will look new and fresh for longer. This type of vinyl is thicker and is less likely to tear. It is also resistant to oil, grease and moisture. It will not become wavy and has extremely high impact strength, which prevents it from cracking. Cleaning this kind of vinyl is a lot easier.

Large heavyweight corners: Heavy weight metal corners will keep the menu flat. This means that, the corners will clamp the menu tightly and offer a good grip.

Turned edge construction: Menu covers that use this technology ensure that the corners of the menu pages do not turn inwards. This ensures that reading the menu is not difficult. It helps improve your brand image. When the corners of the menu pages turn inwards, it does appear cheap

It is important to devote attention to menu covers similar to the importance given to all other aspects of the restaurant. It is possible to order good quality menu covers wholesale online. Some companies offer amazing discounts on your order. Before placing the order, look for the above mentioned qualities.