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Impressive Menu Covers For Restaurants

Menu CoverMenus are an important part of any restaurant. It tells the customer what the restaurant offers in terms of cuisine, exclusiveness, specials, and costs. The Menu Covers, therefore, are equally important because before the customer looks into the menu, he or she first faces the cover of the menu. It creates a first impression with the customer.

What Your Restaurant Menu Covers Says

Restaurant menus and Menu Covers say a lot about the restaurant. Their main purpose is definitely to protect the inner pages, but they add a lot when it comes to creating an impression. This is in addition to the ambiance and location of the place. Lets us see some prime examples of indicators of Menu Covers.

•    Plastic or vinyl Menu Covers which can be wiped off generally indicate a fast food place. The ambiance and the design of the menu take a back place here. It indicates a place for casual dining with kids.
•    Expensive leather-bound menu cover with monogram speaks of class and is a clear indicator that the restaurant is elegant, expensive, and caters to the elite crowd.
•    Imitation leather Menu Covers can still look classy but generally indicate marginal place with affordable rates.
•    Menu Covers inlaid with expensive metals like gold or silver again indicate high-class and exquisite food.
•    Metal Menu Covers are used by many restaurants. Generally found in bars, casinos, and discos, they indicate modernism and fun.
•    Paper Menu Covers are also in use. Some are made from eco-friendly paper. This need not necessarily indicate low-cost dining. Some expensive restaurants also may have Menu Covers made from paper that are handmade.


Whatever the material with which the restaurant Menu Covers are made from, their design is also a very important factor in saying more about the restaurant. For example if the restaurant specializes in Indian food, other than the décor, the menu cover also needs to give indication of this. The cover could have some Indian design and writings on it. It is essential to have the name of the restaurant printed on the cover. This can be done in different styles. Some restaurants also prefer to have some paintings or other pictures on the cover, whereas some like to keep it simple. All this means customization. Many places that sell and deal in Menu Covers do the customization bit for their customers. The covers can be ordered in bulk as per the specifications required for the restaurant. The store, that many be offline or online, will create the menu cover accordingly and ship them to the customer. What most restaurants do is to order in bulk so that when the covers become soiled or tattered, they can be replaced easily.

If creating a right impression is important, it is not just necessary to have a special décor. It is also important to have customized Menu Covers that send out the right message. They give an indication of what the customer can expect with regard to the food and its exquisiteness.