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Importance of Menu Covers

Menu CoverMenu is one the most attention grabbing asset in any cafe or restaurant but often it becomes subjected to dirty hands, leftovers and more resulting in wear, tear and staining of the menu. Menu covers can help by not only protecting the menu but by also adding image and decor to it. Menu covers are critical to the success of any restaurant as they cater to the professional look and provide a good first impression to the customers.

Menu covers are the first thing that customers observe as soon as they enter and get seated. Menu covers are a part of you cafe’s identity. A well-designed cover creates a good image about your restaurant or cafe. Menu covers are particularly important if you have a certain clientele in your mind. A sophisticated clientele will obviously expect a superior customer service and a well-designed menu cover will certainly support the customer’s expectations.

How to Select Menu Covers

The color, design, fonts, theme and other details of menu covers have to be selected with a lot of care. Each detail should complement the other and must convey a highly professional outlook to customers. The design of menu covers should be such that it should make the customer come back to the cafe or restaurant again and again.

A lot of cafe owners choose clear menu covers. Such covers can not only protect the menu from stains and water but they’re also easy to update and maintain. Moreover, clear menu covers can easily withstand water/soup/drink spills. Another advantage of using clear menu covers is that they can easily withstand brutal bending and they are available in a variety of color choices. Because of this, you also have an opportunity of choosing a clear menu cover of the color that matches your restaurant’s theme.  Cafe menu covers can be easily cleaned using a wet cloth. However, menu covers are available in variety of materials like leather, wood, metal, vinyl, or plastic.

While choosing restaurant menu cover, base your choice on your budget, theme of the restaurant/cafe, size and durability of the material. If you own a high-end restaurant or a formal cafe, you must choose a menu cover that looks elegant, classy and presents sophistication. For a high-end restaurant, a leather menu cover with the restaurant’s logo can be a good idea.

Something You Must Keep In Mind

Even if you and your restaurant’s staff greet customers in a nice and warm manner but the menu covers make them feel as though they have landed at a silly or inexperienced place, then irrespective of the fact that you provide a good service, the customers will not revisit the restaurant. Menu covers help greatly in enticing customers and attract them to revisit the place again. Therefore, picking up an appropriate and catchy menu cover is extremely important. Your choice of menu cover should be like an icing on the cake.