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How To Recognize Menu Cover Quality

Menu CoverMenu covers are very important for a business. They not only protect a dessert or wine list: they reflect a business and its clientele. They’re also an item used constantly by customers so good quality isn’t just important for aesthetic reasons but for durability purpose too. Menu covers should be made of high quality materials and should be well made too. So, how can you tell if a menu cover is well-made?

The Vinyl

Vinyl comes in a variety of qualities. In this case, the more you pay the better the quality will be. The vinyl should be flexible and should not crack. Cheap vinyl tends to discolor over time or gets warped. High quality material is resistant to cleaning products, remains clear and can sustain high impact. The thickness of the vinyl is also important and will affect the cover’s durability.

The Thread

A lot of imported menu covers tend to use cotton thread. The issue with this is that within a short period of time the cotton begins to wear off.  This can be due to moisture or cleaning products. A good quality nylon thread doesn’t cost much but will last longer. Bonded thread is one which has an extra coating, for example of resin and lubricants. This increases its durability by making it stronger, more flexible and resistant to destructive elements including cleaning products and sunlight.

The Stitch

A lot of restaurants use double stitching for their menu covers. The main issue with this is that the vinyl is weakened due to the larger number of holes. Lock stitching is a much better option because it’s a single stitch and still creates a strong bond.

The Corners

The corners suffer a lot of wear and tear. Therefore, it’s especially important that they’re as strong as possible to withstand daily use. Using metal in the corners gives them the extra strength they need. You want them to have a good grip and weight in order to provide them adequate protection. It’s also important to be aware of the thickness of metal used.

The Binding Materials

Binding is important because this is what holds the cover of the menu together. Nylon and supported vinyl are both good binding materials. Nylon, found in outdoor equipment, is particularly hardy. Supported vinyl, which is a fabric that has been coated in vinyl, is strong because the fabric fibers help prevent cracks.  Make sure for either of these that there’s enough plasticizer added to make it flexible but still resistant to splitting.

Menu covers can be brought in a range of materials and styles. Menu cover wholesale is a good way to purchase large amounts at a cheaper price.

With menu covers it’s important to pay attention to the materials used and the way in which they’re put together. Ultimately, the more you’re willing to pay, the better your end product will be. In this sense you may decide to opt for menu covers wholesale as you can purchase more covers at a lower price. This way you can afford to spend more on a single cover for higher quality as you save on bulk.