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How To Choose Menu Covers

We say that a restaurant’s menu is the core of its existence – the meat and the substance of the business.  If the menu is the inner being, then the menu cover is the aura that emanates from it– as important as the menu itself.  It is supposed to be the force that gives a brighter glow to the seemingly boring list of food and beverage items in your menu.  That said, it is important that you know how to choose the right menu covers for your restaurant:

Your menu cover should be designed based on the concept and image that your establishment has.     It should have the same look as your restaurant, reflecting its elegance, theme, and price range.  If your restaurant is formal, then your menu covers need to be formal.  If the theme is more on the fun side, then your menu cover should exude merriment and joy, playing with colors and designs.  If you are operating a fine dining restaurant and your menu cover appears like cheap plastic and shabby, it would automatically create a bad image of your restaurant.  In the same manner that if you are running a casual, inexpensive restaurant and your menu cover looks expensive, your customers might get intimidated and leave.  There should be no mismatch.

Another tip on how to choose your menu cover is it should serve as your restaurant’s advertisement.  Maximize your advertising budget with a menu cover that has your company logo or slogan, with specifics about your location and specialties.  You can use it as an effective communication tool to your customers.

It should be sturdy.    It’s important that it is made of durable material that protects the inner menu.  The inner menu can change from time to time, depending on the restaurant’s adjustments of its menu items and specialties, but your menu cover is there to stay.  Make sure that it lasts long, will not warp, and will not turn yellow.

Know the different kinds of menu cover that you can choose from.  The café style is the most widely used, known for its versatility and functionality.  With it, you can effortlessly change out the paper menus and cleanse the vinyl swiftly.  It normally comes in a variety of sizes.  The Vienna style is one of the most elegant menu covers in the market today.  It has a micro-suede look and the feel of Vienna fabric.  Custom menu covers come in different styles, too—wood, metal, plastic and vinyl materials.  You can have menu covers in leather, imitation leather and leatherette.

Consider the number of menu covers you need.  The number of menu covers you need depends on the number of seats you have in your establishment, as well as the number of table turnarounds during peak hours.  The rule is to purchase   10% more on top of your restaurant’s current seating capacity.

The last thing you need to know in how to choose menu covers is to be selective in choosing your vendor.  Make sure the company that you purchase it from has the capacity to deliver the right products with your exact specifications, can deliver the goods on time and has enough credibility and integrity to stand up to their warranty.