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How to Choose Chef Coats

Womens Black Classic Sleeve Chef CoatChef coats are a necessity for your restaurant and they often require frequent replacement. This is because these chef jackets tend to wear off easily. They get snagged, faded and dull and need to be changed. One of the reasons for this kind of snagging is the poor quality material. The material plays an important role. For instance, 100 percent cotton material tends to fade, the color may bleed and the coat may look old and dilapidated within a few days. If you have faced similar problems in the past, then read our expert tips on how to choose the best chef coats. You must evaluate some factors before buying this product.

How to Choose

Material: This is the most important part of choosing chef jackets. A revolutionary material that is making waves these days is “spun poly”. This material has many advantages over the normal cotton material. Firstly, this material won’t shrink. It doesn’t require ironing and the color won’t fade. Not just that, the material will not snag and will look new and fresh for several months. Spun poly is resistant to stain and is easy to wash. Since, it does not require ironing; your staff can instantly wash and wear these chef coats. They are low on maintenance. This material is one of its kind and a perfect choice for restaurant uniform.

Style: Look for different styles and cuts to suit different needs. For instance, there are half sleeves coats, three fourth sleeve coats, and full sleeve coats and so on. Moreover, these chef jackets are available in solid colors as well as in contrast. You could choose a solid white or a solid black coat or opt for solid white with black piping or solid black with white piping. The style of buttons may also vary. In fact, you could also get coats of different lengths.

Unisex: When buying chef coats it is a good idea to look at unisex designs. It will fit both, men and women. Besides, a good cut will compliment both genders. Having such flexibility of usage will ensure that your staff never runs out of uniform.

Features: This is another factor that should be considered while purchasing coats. When we talk about features, we mean the usability; comfort and the value add that a coat has in store for the user. Some of the features include the types of buttons used, and the type of fitting. It should not be too over sized or too undersized. Vented cuffs look neat and also add elegance to the chef coats. You could also look for thermometer pocket in the sleeve. The coats meant for women should ideally have darts at the back with generous slits at the side. This type of fit is contoured to fit women.

When buying chef jackets you could also look at a supplier/manufacturer that is willing to customize the coats. Customization may include embroidery, screen-printing, or heat transferring. These small things add value to the chef coats and make them more appealing. Displaying a logo of your restaurant helps in building the brand image. Remember these tips while buying coats and you will not require frequent replacements.