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How To Buy The Best Menu Covers

Menu CoverMenu covers are prone to a lot of wear and tear. They are repeatedly opened, closed, flipped, and skimmed. This kind of handling makes them susceptible to frequent replacement. Often, they require replacement due to threading at borders, inward turning of edges, loosening of the inside pages and so on. However, good quality covers will not wear out quickly. They have a longer shelf life. They are made of good quality vinyl and bonded thread. This ensures that the borders are not subject to threading, since the vinyl is durable and the pages do not loosen due to the use of bonded threads. Your menu covers will remain in good condition for much longer that you can ever anticipate.

The menu of your restaurant is like a promotional material. It says a lot about the restaurant. In fact, it can even help you make a style statement. If you have a themed restaurant, then a stylish cover that blends with the theme would be a good choice. There are many options available online. For instance, there are café covers, customized covers, leather covers, leatherette cover, Wine list covers, menu boards, menu accessories and check presenters. These menu covers wholesale can be ordered online from the comfort of your office. You can place the order directly with the manufacturer and enjoy great prizes. Not just that, these menu covers come with a 90-day risk free trial. You can be assured of their quality.

Have you ever wondered why the corners of a menu turn inwards? Why they don’t lay flat? Well, we have an answer for this question. There are certain factors that improve the quality of these covers. Look for these qualities when buying menu covers for your restaurant.

Qualities Of Good Menu Cover

Heavy weight corners: When the corners are heavy, the menu will lay flat and will not turn inwards. Typically, manufacturers compromise on the quality by choosing lightweight corners. They can save 50 percent on the cost by using lightweight corners. However, as a customer you have to bear the consequences of poor quality.

Good quality Vinyl: Graphics grade vinyl is of extremely durable and good quality. It is resistant to most cleaning solutions, it is a lot thicker and it has high impact strength that prevents cracking. Moreover, the vinyl is oil, grease and moisture resistant. It makes cleaning easy. Good quality menu covers are less likely to tear.

Binding: The thread used for binding the pages plays an important role. Good quality thread may be more expensive but it is 100 times stronger than regular thread. Moreover, the scrim supported binding is more expensive and lasts 30 times longer than unsupported binding.

Plastic: Cheap imported plastic will turn wavy within few days of use. However, good quality plastic will lay flat and the menu will be clearer to read. You can order good quality menu covers wholesale on this portal.

Look for these factors when shopping for menu covers. It may be a little expensive as compared to the regular covers, but will certainly have a long shelf life. Your menu is the face of your restaurant; make sure it is in good shape.