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Helpful Tips in Remodeling Your Restaurant

Many restaurants nowadays can attest that rebranding initiatives do pay off.  Rebranding is a part of an overall brand strategy that a company envisions and is not limited to visual identity alone–it’s a way of communicating to the market the company’s new message, an evolution of vision. In the restaurant industry these recent years, restaurant remodeling has been quite prevalent, as it has proven to increase a restaurant’s sales and traffic performance.  This remodeling is often in the form of interior and exterior redesigning, as well as a revamp of the restaurant’s menu.

In remodeling the interior and exterior aspects of your restaurant
, you can take the following into consideration:

Conceptualize your restaurant’s vision.  What do you want to communicate to your customer, and who do you want to attract this time?  Do you still plan to draw on your usual market or are you now planning to expand to a different one?  What positive changes would you like them to conceive?   Know what ambiance you want your customers to feel.

Re-examine your establishment’s functionality. Can your servers in their smart aprons and customers move freely in your present set-up?  Is the food preparation area in-sync with your bar, allowing beverages and food to be served quickly?  Take a look at the design space–would you want it to be more intimate, or would you prefer to make it more spacious, allowing your guests more room to move and roam around?  Design experts have a way of parceling larger spaces into more intimate ones, or enhancing them into really big, airy types with the use of columns, walls, mirrored poles and fireplaces, among others.

Envision your preferred color and restaurant lighting. Just as you take color into consideration in choosing food pairings and wines, realize that color creates a major impact on the overall look of your restaurant.  Used correctly, color, when merged with the appropriate lighting, transmits an exceptional ambiance and attitude that would drive traffic to your restaurant, and encourages your customers to linger on and spend more.  The best application of lighting is its ability to light up focal points which can create a sense of intimacy in a dining place.

Give attention to your restaurant’s sound and acoustics. When redesigning your restaurant, give extra attention to the materials, shapes and textures that could enhance your dining place’s sound environment.  This would prove immensely useful during future functions and shows.

Consider your establishment’s ceiling and height. Suitably designed ceilings perform as the place’s backdrop as it combines together the room’s color, lighting and texture.  It defines space in a somewhat empty room, and can control a room’s sense of openness and intimacy.

In revamping your menus, here are helpful hints:

Check your numbers.  This one’s quite obvious – check what works for your customers and what does not, which food item is often ordered by the kids, and those that are a hit to the older ones.  Knowing these helps you evaluate which food items you need to keep and focus on in terms of marketing, and those that you have to let go.  Analyze the profitability of your menu items, having a clearer grasp of your bestsellers and your stagnant ones. You can exert extra effort in promoting the more profitable ones than those bestsellers that do not give that much income at all.

Respond to the trend.   In coming up with new menu innovations, listen to your market.  What popular fads are they inclined to support and purchase?   Healthy diet, for example, is what consumers want recently.  Reports say that 67% of American diners prefer to know about the fat content of the food they are about to order, and its calorie count.  That very well gives you a trail towards creating healthy dishes – both for kids and adults.  Are they up to new dessert trends?  It would even be ideal if you yourself can set the trend.

Infuse a marketing scheme on your menu. Yes, your menu in a very elegant menu cover can attract as many customers as it can by highlighting your cheap offerings, but if you want to maximize your chances of increased profits, you could infuse a clever way of designing it.  There is a subtle, clever way of designing your menu so that the customer is influenced to buy the more expensive offerings (the more profitable), and not just the cheaper ones.  Helpful hints in menu designing, like dividing your menu into different sections, can help you in doing this. Placing a sumptuous, high-quality photo of a profitable dish in the upper right corner of the menu is another, as customers are known to instinctively bring their eyes to this area while reading.    You can also use special boxes for your cost-effective food items and beverages to draw your customer’s attention to it.

Getting the help of experts is always the best way to go, but knowing the basics sure helps a lot, too.  Will these tips in mind, you can now proceed in remodeling your restaurant and reach for those projections and forecasts the easier way.