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Good Quality Menu Covers

Menu CoverGood quality menu covers are hard to find online. What you usually get in the market are covers that have a short life and poor quality. These low quality covers tend to wear out very quickly. They look old and dilapidated. Not just that, they can mar the image of your restaurant. A menu cover is like the face of your company. It is a part of the décor and ambience. It is like an adornment on the table. Good quality covers look sophisticated and elegant.

We have been talking a lot about good quality, but how do you identify whether the menu covers are good or bad. Well, here are some tips that will help you differentiate and choose the best quality covers. When you buy a fresh piece, it looks neat and it may be difficult to put your finger on good or bad quality. It may not be possible to tell the bad from the good one. Here are some factors that will help you select the right product for your restaurant. Learn to shop for the right menu cover.

How to Shop for Menu Covers

There are some factors that you must consider while shopping for menu covers. These will help you determine the strength, durability, and quality of the cover. Apart from the aesthetic look, there is more to a cover than what meets the eye. Here are the most important things that you must check before choosing a cover.

Thread: The thread that is used for binding the menu pages in place is very important. A poor quality thread that breaks easily will not fit the bill. The thread must have strong resistance and good stretch. A menu cover has to travel through several hands and it better be strong. A good quality bonded thread is made of resin and it is further lubricated for a good finish. This kind of thread remains unbroken and undamaged throughout the manufacturing process. It has better tenacity and stretch as compared to normal nylon thread.

Stitching: There is a common misconception about stitching. It is believed that two rows of stitching is better than a single line of stitching on menu covers. However, this is not true.  Two rows of stitching weaken the vinyl by puncturing it twice in a small area. Double stitching reduces the strength of the menu cover by almost 40 percent. So, when you buy covers, look for ones that have a single stitch.

Vinyl: The quality of vinyl is another important factor that you must consider. Check if the vinyl is resistant to cleaning solutions, oils, grease and moisture. Also check if it has high impact strength to prevent cracking. The vinyl should be thick and lay flat. Poor quality vinyls usually get wavy over time. Good quality vinyl will also have excellent contact clarity.

Heavy weight corners: Strong and sturdy corners make for perfect menu covers. Have you ever noticed some covers have turned corners? Not only do they look awful, they can obstruct smooth reading. A good quality cover will lay flat from the corners and it looks elegant.

These are some of the things that you must evaluate before choosing a menu cover.