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Get Appropriate Menu Covers: Get Appreciated

Menu covers containing menu cards are the first object one holds after taking in the ambience of any restaurant. A regular design with legible listings of the menu is considered good and serves the purpose. A proper cover gives the menu card a neat look and creates a lasting impression on the person holding it. There are many different and attractive designs for café menu covers available. One can search for menu cover designs online also.

Select a Suitable Design

The kind of design you choose depends on your taste and requirement. For example, a no frills restaurant which serves basic food requires a simple menu card which lists all the dishes in a tabulated manner. For this kind of restaurant, a simple vinyl cover will do.

On the other hand, a fancy high-end restaurant serving gourmet food may require a different and stylish menu with different sections for different kinds of food. They require a menu covers with a more sophisticated look which are durable and resistant to normal wear and tear.

Café style menu covers are by far the most popular menu covers as they are made out of good quality vinyl. They paper menu cards can be removed easily to clean the vinyl. These covers come in many styles and designs, like those with chip boards and extra packets to make the menu stiffer and easier to hold.

High Quality Materials to Be Used

A great design is of no use if the menu covers wear-off and start looking old after just a few days of usage. It is very important to consider the quality and type of material the menu covers are made of. There is a choice between clear and scratch resistant covers. Most fast food restaurants prefer the scratch resistant one as the menu cover maintains the new look for longer. Most of the higher end restaurants prefer the clear menu jackets as they give a classy and expensive look to the menu covers.
Another important point is that the kind of thread used to sew the menu covers should be very strong, preferably bonded thread. These threads should be such that they cannot be broken by hand which gives more stability to the menu. The cost of these covers can be negotiated, but make sure they are delivered in time. When you order for café menu covers online, they are shipped within three working days.

Why are Menu Covers So Important?

There are many advantages in using menu covers. They maintain the new and fresh look of the menu. Restaurant owners can respond to change in food prices quickly by just changing the cover. They give you the opportunity to communicate to your customers about the special events coming up in the restaurant. Menu covers also allow you to test the repositioning of any item in the food group and add new items depending on changing tastes of customers.

The number of café menu covers you order should be a sufficient to last for a few months. This is cheaper rather than ordering again and again every few months. It is a general practice to have an extra ten percent of menu cards and covers in addition to the total number of tables in the restaurant. These extra covers can be used to replace the worn off covers or serve as extra menu cards during the rush hour.

The menu covers supplier you choose, should cater to your requirements. They should also be able to supply custom made menu cards if required, to suit your needs and the ambience of your restaurant.