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Email Marketing: Focusing On Content

Email marketing is here to stay.

Social media of all kinds might come out by the dozens and take up most of our markets’ attention and time, but yes, email marketing will subsist and will live on to tell the tale.

We’ve discussed the importance of email marketing in our post Your Checklist To A Successful Restaurant Email Marketing; but for purposes of emphasis, lest you forget, we shall expound on it a bit further.

What have we said? …that you need to find effective ways to obtain email addresses from your customers. That you need to find yourself a good ESP (email service provider); and that you need to carefully consider your content. And then we had the best email practices: sending emails when people are not at work, scheduling your emails, giving importance to the from box, integrating your social media and saying big NO NOs to all caps.

And today we shall go back to content, as it’s the part that possesses the most important aspect of your email—the reason why you’re doing it in the first place. Content, they say, is an email marketer’s greatest performance. And in that performance, remember to do the following:

Keep the email brief, keep your message focused, and proofread. I know we’ve already said this, but we’ll say it again. Be brief – we live in a 140-character world now, and your readers just wouldn’t have the stamina to read anything long. We’re not saying it should only be 140-words, but do not compose a novel.

Stay focused—do not take the risk of weakening your content by being all over, trying to say everything at once. Pick one area and run with it. (You’re talking about the latest specialties that your chefs, in their elegant chef apparel, created? Focus on that and nothing else.) The lesser words, the better—write it first, then set it aside. The following day, edit it, removing some words by focusing on those that you really want to use. Repeat the process till you’re sure you got it straight to the point.

And proofread! Emails with terrible grammatical and typo errors will not make the whole thing poor (that’s an understatement)– it is idiotic.

Make use of links and lists. Links—lots and lots of links and bolded words to entice them to take action. Do not limit yourself with links as they are the ones that highlight what’s important in your email, and they express the action your reader should take. Next are lists – you shall make use of lists because you know how short your readers’ attention span is. Lists are scannable, easy to notice and contain less words.

No tricks! Make sure your subject, offer and call to action are related to your content. Today’s readers are smart and you wouldn’t want them to think you’re scam at the onset of your interaction.

Repetition. Tell your readers what you are about to tell them—give them an overview about what you are about to say, like your latest restaurant specialties. Then tell them the details: how your chefs, in their cool chef apparel, created those sumptuous specialties. Then tell them again what you just told them! Wrap up what you said. Enforce retention in your readers minds by repeating what you said several times.

Test-check your destination. Not all people are now behind their desks when they open emails. Check if your mail looks good on mobile devices too. Does it give the impression you want to project when you open it?

Remember, your content is your greatest performance. Tie this up with the best practices—like proper timing in sending out, the fonts to use, and all that—and you’ll have that winning response that you hoped for.