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Designing Menu Covers: Basics

Menu CoversRight from the interiors, to the drapery, cutlery and even the aesthetically designed menu covers, each of these plays an integral role in making your dining experience truly special. Creating superior designs on your menu covers not only beautifies the menu you have put together for your guests, but also provides you with a golden opportunity of carrying out innovative branding exercises. Ideally, you should be able to make the most of each and every interface the customer is exposed to and utilize it for creating better brand recall. The covering on your menu, which every customer will surely spend some moments glancing at, can prove to be one such interface.

Menu Cover Design: Prerequisites

Before planning a design for the cover, there are some preparations which might help. Although, your design should essentially be unique in order to create an impression, it’s a good idea to carry out a detailed research on what others are doing to make a mark. There are a couple of advantages associated with this. First, you’ll know exactly what works and what doesn’t. This should give you a basic framework for creation. Second, when you conduct a research or scour through several cover designs, the chances of your design getting repetitive are considerably less. You’ll know what others have done already and would try and create something new out of the designated framework.

Some Essential Tips

Once you have the basic plan in place, some essential tips can come in handy for creating the right kind of design on the menu covers. There are some common mistakes associated with designing covers, which you must never commit. First, do not ever design covers which may cause any kind of displeasure or discomfort for your guests. For example, you should never use fonts which are too small, too big or even too fancy for them to decipher what’s actually written. In addition, some menu covers are big and bulky, which are very difficult to hold and makes for a cumbersome experience. As a result, the customer might not even spare a moment studying your cover which you might have created with extreme precision. Therefore, avoiding these commonplace errors is important.

Also, it’s very important to create a design for the menu covers which is in sync with your logo. For example, if the name of your restaurant is Aqua, or something related to water, the colors used could be greenish blue or pale blue or some pale shades of green and so on. A jarring red color will look completely out of place with this type of theme.

In addition, your menu needs to be updated or changed at periodic intervals. This will help in providing a fresh outlook to your brand. Also, for guests who are regulars at your restaurants, the same old graphic patterns can prove to be extremely boring after a point. Fresh designs will pack a happy surprise for them as well.

Choosing designers who could provide due assistance in generating designs for menu covers could be a great option. But, be sure to select a suitable designer who understands your viewpoints and can replicate your imagination through well crafted designs.