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Choose Unique Menu Covers For Specialty Restaurants

Leather Menu Cover

To make the right choice of menu covers, restaurant owners should ensure that they are of good quality and are reasonably priced. Covers for menu cards should also be unique and blend with the theme and ambience of the restaurant.

Durability Is Essential

There are many varieties of menu covers that restaurant owners can choose from. Depending on the kind of eating place, they can opt for menu covers with a stylish or trendy look. If the restaurant is an expensive one, where people come for special occasions with their friends and family, it is a good idea to select covers which have a rich look. The best option for such covers is leather which looks stylish and also lasts for a long time.

Durability is an essential criterion when choosing a menu cover. They are used by customers of all ages and therefore, the owner has to choose covers which do not tear easily. Leather covers with metal rims at the corners look attractive and also prevent the corners from curling. Also, laminated covers are a good choice to prevent tearing. Whatever material is used to make the covers, it important to laminate them so that they do not get wet or spoilt if someone accidentally spills water on them.

To give a personalized look to menu covers, one can ask the dealer to emboss the restaurant or hotel’s logo on the cover. For restaurants and hotel chains such a symbol denotes assurance of good quality food and service. For specialty restaurants which serve only a particular kind of cuisine, the owner can opt for a typical design or art of the place to be imprinted on the covers. For instance, an authentic Chinese restaurant owner can opt for a miniature Chinese art or painting as a logo to be imprinted on the cover and other table accessories like napkins and napkin holders. This will create a lasting impression of the place as one which serves authentic Chinese cuisine.

Look For a Good Discount

In the case of specialty restaurants, the material used for menu covers should be unique like laminated handmade paper or bamboo or a combination of fabric and paper. All these special touches make menu covers attractive and create a good impression of the restaurant. For trendy eating places which are meant for young people, it is a good idea to opt for laminated card board paper covers which can withstand rough handling by young and working people looking for a quick bite.

It is a good idea to search for companies which manufacture menu covers as they can correctly assess the cost of each menu cover considering the owner’s choice of material and design. Many companies display pictures of sample covers on their website. Owners can choose from the samples or suggest the changes that they would like in the design or material. Most companies provide their contact details in their website so that the restaurant or hotel owner can directly talk with the manufacturer to get an idea of the cost of each cover. It is better to place a bulk order because companies usually offer a good discount on the total cost for such orders.
By choosing suitable menu covers, owners can make a lasting impression in customer’s minds.