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Chefs Hat – Choose A Classy, Comfortable And Cost-Effective Cap!

Traditional Chef HatOne of the main requirements of any hat is that it should sit well on your head. In the case of a Chefs Hat that has to be worn at all times while at work, it is all the more important. Most of them are free-size and will fit anyone’s head. A chef looks smart when he is dressed in uniform with a chef’s jacket, hat and pants. It tends to add grandeur and sophistication to the restaurant when its staff is in identical attire.

The Chefs Hat started off by being a symbol of hierarchy. The taller the hat on your head, the higher up your position is in the restaurant. It also serves a functional purpose. It is meant to prevent hair from falling into your food. A net inside the hat is even more effective for this purpose than just the hat. There are umpteen jokes regarding the hair in the soup served at restaurants. It causes embarrassment and loss of image for the hotel.

Different shapes and sizes convey different meanings. The head chef tries to differentiate himself by wearing a hat that is unique and symbolic of his position. Hats come in different designs – for instance the chefs in a classy eatery will wear high hats with many pleats.

Colors And Their Meanings

Chef Hats can be black, white, or a combination of both or any other color that the chefs prefer. Other colors stand out and give the restaurant an exclusive feel. White, of course, stands for purity and hygiene – a critical factor in a place that serves food. Black serves the purpose of hiding dirt marks and grease commonly found in kitchens while cooking.

Desirable Features Of A Chefs Hat:

•    Chefs spend a large part of their time in the kitchen in front of hot ovens and stoves causing them to sweat profusely and often. Their hats should protect them and their servings from excessive perspiration. Cotton hats are ideal in this respect.

•    Stains are common when working with greasy food. Material used in a Chefs Hat should be stain-resistant and easy to wash. The fabric should withstand frequent scrubbing and not react when it comes in contact with water. A hat that does not shrink and does not require ironing often would also be convenient. A polyester hat would be suitable in such a case or a mix of cotton and polyester.

•    A hat that fits all heads would solve all problems relating to fittings. An adjustable hook could answer such issues.

•    The weight of the hat should be substantial enough so it does not fly off the head despite fast movements – a busy restaurant would involve juggling many stoves.

•    If your budget is not very high you can buy disposable chef’s hats. These will be very low maintenance.

While a Chefs Hat should be economical especially if you have many staff on your rolls it should also be in keeping with the status of your restaurant. A well-groomed chef will attract good prospective customers. So you can choose the sort of crowd you want visiting your diner or café by staffing your joint with the best employees with smart uniforms.