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Chef Pants – Pull Up a Crisp, Comfortable, and Classy Pair!

Chef Clothing PantsIt is now commonplace to see a chef wearing uniform. It is a mark of distinction – it helps differentiate the chef from the waiters and other attendants. A chef’s uniform includes his hat or toque, a double-breasted coat or jacket, chef pants, and aprons.

You will normally see chefs dressed in white – a mark of purity. But today with various styles in vogue, it is possible to find chef apparel in different colors as according to particular tastes.

Qualities to Look for in Chef Pants:

•    Since these are to be worn on a daily basis, maintenance should not be an issue. The latest technologies in fabrics such as combinations of polyester and cotton are likely to ensure that regular ironing is not required.

•    Chefs work in extremely hot environments. The material of the chef pants, hats, and coats should be conducive to working in such conditions. Cotton has the indispensable quality of being breathable, making it ideal for this profession. But since it tends to shrink on regular washing, polyester can add class and style to it.

•    The constant use of uniforms may necessitate frequent purchase. Cheap chef pants, coats, and toques are more practical than fashionable and expensive ones. On the other hand, tacky garments with inferior tailoring would not reflect well on the restaurant. Try to find the appropriate balance between price and quality.

•    Customized pants for women are available, eliminating the need for them to look gawky wearing over-sized or ill-fitting men’s pants.
•    Stains are an occupational inconvenience for chefs. Stubborn grease stains in particular require some tough cleaning detergents to rid the uniform of the soiled area. It is important at such times for the material to be durable and not tear from the constant scrubbing.

Kinds of Chef Pants:

Apart from the classic formal trouser kind of pants, you can also get other pants that suit varying tastes.

•     Women’s Chef Pants: Anything made to order looks more attractive to the senses. Gone are the days when women had to put up with free-size men’s pants. Today, with many ladies entering the culinary profession, there is a wide range of women’s wear in the market.

•     Cargo Chef Pants: These are made especially for comfort with zipped pockets to store handy kitchen equipment. It would never do to trip and fall with large trays of food in your hand. Ensure that your pants allow you easy and free movement.

•     Baggy Chef Pants: Loose trousers are the best way to go when you are on your feet for hours and moving around. These pants exude a cheeriness about them that is transferred to the wearer. Chefs look bubbly and more chilled out in these pants!

The one common aspect in all these pants is the comfort level they offer. With the long hours kept by restaurant staff, it is important that the pants are not bothersome in any way. You may find good deals if you shop online.

Online stores offer you discounts as they have the advantage of not having to set up shop; this minimizes their costs. Keep in mind all these points the next time you hunt around for a cozy pair of chef pants.