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Chef Coats That Look New After Every Wash

Womens Chef Coat with Black PipingChef coats are usually prone to snagging, fading and staining. They often require replacement which can turn out to be expensive. They look old and faded after frequent washing and also get stained very easily. It can be an expensive deal to replace chef jackets frequently.

Coats Made Of Skin Friendly Material

A revolutionary material called “Spun Poly” offers respite from all these problems. It is stain resistant and doesn’t require ironing. It does not snag, the color doesn’t bleed and the material looks new and fresh even after several washes. This material looks and feels like cotton, but has these additional features. It is a breathable, soft fabric and the skin will not feel suffocated. It suits even the most sensitive skin types. It is a skin friendly material and also pocket friendly.

These chef coats are available in different styles to suit men and women chefs. There are some unisex variants too. They can be ordered online. These coats are available at discounted rates if you buy in bulk and come with a money back guarantee. They can also be customized to suit your needs. You can get the logo embroidered on these chef coats or have it screen printed. Some companies also provide heat transfer services for apparel and menu covers.

Types of Chef Jackets

Short sleeve: This type of sleeve is suitable for chefs who have to deal with meticulous garnishing or decoration of dishes. They don’t have to pull up the sleeves repeatedly and it helps in improving productivity. The short sleeve coat comes with melamine button closure and 100 percent polyester. It fits both, men and women.

Long sleeve: This type of coat comes with vented cuffs and a thermometer pocket on the left sleeve. It is perfect for the main chef who uses the gas stove and doesn’t need to deal with the intricacies of decoration or garnishing.

Knot button: This variant of chef coats has 10 knot buttons instead of melamine buttons. It looks elegant and sophisticated. It adds value to the chef’s personality. It is made of seven ounce Spun Poly twill. It has vented cuffs and a thermometer pocket on the left sleeve.

Butcher coat: This jacket is specially designed for the butcher. It has 5-snap front closure. It is a little longer than regular chef jackets and has two large waist pockets. It also has side venting for pant pocket access. The length of this coat is around 43 inches. It has a pointed collar and long sleeve. A great deal of thought goes into choosing the cut and style for such coats so that they are convenient for use.

Women variants: All the above styles and designs are available for women chefs too. The only difference in chef coats for women chefs is the presence of side vents. Chef coats for women have side slits for a comfortable fit. Some of them may have a left chest pocket. These coats are contoured to fit women.

If you have been looking for good quality and lost lasting chef jackets, then this is the right place. Spun poly material is extremely durable and coats made of this material will not require frequent replacement.