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Chef Coats – How to Choose Them

Knot Button Long Sleeve Chef CoatWe find glory in our career uniforms. It represents our professionalism and individuality. Nowadays, chefs are not only bound inside the kitchen as they also get to join their guests in the dining room. Therefore, if you are a chef or aiming to be one, it is essential to pick the right chef coats. Some restaurants provide their own uniforms and some implement what type of coat you should wear. However, if you are to buy your own chef coat, here are the things that you can consider:


You might have noticed that most chefs are dressed in white jacket and white pants. Some chefs use checkered or pure gray pants, while some use white pants with black stripes. But these are not the only colors attainable for this type of uniform. There are individuals who have experimented on the color of the coat they wear. Those who want to have a fresh look use lime green coat, while those who want to look vibrant and versatile use orange coat. If you want to look cool you might also try using aqua blue jacket. But do not forget the specifics of your business or of the company in choosing the design and color of your chef coat. Select the type that fits your business or the company.

Fit and style

The traditional chef coats have full length sleeves. But you may also use half or three quarter sleeves. You can design the cuffs where it can be folded back to let your hands and arms move freely. The coat is usually double breasted so you can reverse it in case it got stained. It is also a good idea to use a chef’s apron to protect your jacket from getting dirty. The coat also has to be comfortable. It should not be too tight because it gets hot inside the kitchen but not too loose that would prevent you from moving about comfortably.


There are a lot of options available for fabrics — pure cotton, polyester cotton, khaki, spun or denims. But what is important is you choose the material that is long-lasting so that it can endure daily wear and tear. It is also wise to pick a fabric that is stain resistant and easy to clean. Ironing is the most challenging part in maintaining chef coats, therefore it is best to select a fabric that does not wrinkle easily and can still look firm without too much ironing. It is also better if it does not bleed when washed to keep its original color.

Where to buy chef coats

You can purchase chef coats in any department stores or actual chef uniform stores. For bulk orders, you may get in touch with a wholesaler and this will also help you get discounts.  To save time and effort, the best way to go is search for these stores online.

Above all, the coat has to serve as good, reliable protection since you work close to an oven or stove and other hot surfaces. There might also be instances of spattering. The tasks of a chef is not simple that is why security and stability are important factors to consider. Integrate style with comfort and protection, and you’re good to go.