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Chef Coats — Find Durable Low Maintenance Restaurant Uniforms

 Executive Chef Coats with Black PipingBarring starred restaurants and high-end fine dining places, chefs are not usually required to interact with customers but it still helps to have a staff dressed in neat presentable uniforms. Pleasing and smartly tailored chef coats are part of the restaurant interior design and should reflect the business’s values. Dirty chef coats take away from the look of the kitchen. They could raise hygiene issues and possibly offend customers.


Chefs don’t have the least-messy job in the world and maintaining the spotlessly white appearance of chef coats can be a challenge. Therefore, you should select chef coats that do not stain easily and if they do, the stains should be easy to remove. While useful, cotton coats stain easily and getting the stains off is difficult. Spun polyester coats on the other hand, wash more easily.

Spun polyester is more durable than cotton fabric. This material holds up to frequent washing. Chef coats made of spun polyester retain their color longer than cotton. Because of their lint free nature, polyester chef’s coats retain their shape and shine even after frequent washes.

Spun polyester chef coats are low on maintenance. They are wrinkle free and the staff does not have to put in extra effort to iron them after every wash. Chefs can wear them hour after hour without giving these coats a wrinkled appearance.

Traditionally, cotton chef coats have been preferred over synthetic fabrics because cotton allows the skin to breathe and has a soft absorbent quality. Spun polyester, just like cotton, is lightweight and allows aeration. Therefore, select chef coats in spun poly to save costs of maintenance and frequent replacement.


You can select chef coats in a variety of styles: long vs. short sleeves, single material/color vs. piping bordered, contrast color buttons and so on. You can select colors such as white, black, off-white or two-colored coats. Styles can also be chosen according to gender or you could settle for unisex uniforms.

Customization is an important part of the restaurant business. You want your linen, tableware, lighting and décor to set your business apart. Why not have staff uniforms customized as well. Have a logo or pattern of your choice embroidered on the chef uniforms or have a picture or logo printed on the coats.


Restaurant supplies wholesalers offer a variety of affordable pricing options for chef coats. You can order a jacket for as little as $8 plus shipping depending on the order size. The bigger the order, the more discounts the buyer gets on each item. Some minor style alterations can result in even greater savings: eight buttons instead of ten and no shoulder padding can help you save more.

Buyers should order restaurant staff uniforms from dealers who offer appropriate warranties. Some dealers offer low prices, plus a price guarantee; if you can locate items at a lower price, you get a refund for the difference. They also offer a guarantee of quality; if the item suffers wear and tear before 90 days, you can have it replaced or the cost refunded.