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Aprons – Popular Styles

ApronsAprons have undergone significant metamorphosis in terms of styles, patterns and personalization. Initially, these were just meant to be protective garments for preventing your dress from soiling during the course of your work. However, today they are more of a fashion statement as well. This is particularly true for the case of restaurant aprons which have transformed big time. Today, a restaurant apron is used effectively as a branding tool. It bears the restaurant logo and the colors are carefully chosen for personalizing them in sync with the prevailing surroundings of the restaurant. Hence, a lot goes into designing and styling aprons, these days. They are meticulously selected and effectively designed for creating the desired impact and for being able to serve the purpose it is meant for.

An apron needs to score equally on aesthetics, comfort and durability. They can be ordered through various online stores and merchants who are capable of generating a maddening variety of options coupled with excellent customer support. You can select one on the basis of the deals they provide and the services they vouch to extend.

Basic Styles

Despite the various transformations, the basic styling framework for these protective garments has remained the same. Some of the basic ones include:

Waist Style

A waist style apron is probably the most basic one which has been around for ages. It is simply tied around your waist with a string. It has been extensively used by housemaids, chefs, and also by factory workers. The waist style is ideal for providing protection to your pants or skirts, preventing them from soiling and staining.  Lead proof waist aprons are also worn by workers dealing closely with X rays and the likes.

Bib Style

Both in terms of protection as well as styling, the bib pattern scores over the waist style apron. This is because, along with the pants or the skirts that you might want to protect, you can also offer protection to your shirts and blouses. The bib style apron may extend up to knee length or maybe a bit shorter, but is always provided with a bib. The bib is attached to the shoulder with the help of straps. Alternatively, they can also be secured with the help of strings tied to the back of your neck. Bib style aprons are also provided with strings which can be tied around the waste. They are extensively used for restaurant usage and are generally worn by the kitchen staff as well as the waiters for complete protection from the front.

Cobbler Style

The cobbler style aprons provides protection from the front as well as the back. They are stitched across the shoulders and are not required to be secured with strings. You can simply slip on through your head, quite like a dress.

Pinafore Style

The pinafore style aprons are among the earliest variants of aprons. They were worn more as dresses than aprons. The frilly sleeves of the pinafore style gave them a dressy feel and were particularly favored by women.

Although apron styles can be maneuvered and altered with the usage of pockets, holograms and so on, the basic premise of the styling centers on these above listed forms.