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Aprons – Useful To Many

Aprons Everyone knows what an apron is. It is a piece of garment that is worn over one’s clothes for protection. The protection could be for the clothes or for the person wearing it. It really depends on the person who’s using it and the job he is doing. Let’s talk about the various uses of aprons here.

Uses of Aprons

Aprons come in many shapes and sizes. These are made from different materials. Some common types of aprons seen in use are bib aprons, waist aprons, tuxedo aprons, four way aprons, plastic aprons, cobbler aprons, bistro aprons, waterproof aprons, and shop aprons. Then there are vintage aprons that are quite in vogue today.

Some of the common uses of aprons are as given below:

•    An apron is extensively used in homes while cooking and cleaning. It cannot be said here that housewives use it in home as the concept of wives looking after the home has changed. Now, it is being used by both men and women at home to perform household chores.
•    Of course, the most common use of aprons is in restaurants or hotels. There, the chefs use bib aprons and four way aprons to wipe their hands occasionally as well as to protect their clothes from food stains. Waiters and waitresses generally are seen wearing waist aprons with the name or emblem of the restaurant printed on them. Sometimes, these aprons have a pocket for holding their tips and notepads. The kitchen staff is seen wearing water proof aprons mainly when they are involved in rinsing dishes or cleaning and cutting fish and meat.
•    Plastic aprons and ones made from other waterproof material are often seen worn by gardeners while working in the gardens. It protects their clothes from the grime, mud, manure, and water in the gardens. Water proof aprons are also used by those who work in the fishing industry or the meat industry as it gives good protection against the mess involved in catching and cleaning these items.
•    Cobblers wear aprons to protect their clothes from getting dirty as well as to protect their body from heat when they have to work on the leather. Cobbler aprons generally have covering both in the front and in the back. They are used in other vocational people like blacksmiths, metal workers, etc. These aprons are sometimes made from good insulation material that gives ample protection from the heat involved in these trades.
•    Shop aprons are used by people working in shops, especially department stores which specialize in groceries and other food items. They have multiple pockets that can be used to store pens, notepads, paper covers, and the like.

The above mentioned uses are just a few out of the many that the apron is used for. Today it is even used as a fashion statement and new and improved designs are being created to accentuate the look. Aprons have now become an indispensible part of home life and many industries and will continue to do so for many years to come.