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Aprons – Safety and Fashion Combined

Adjustable Bib ApronThe moment a person hears the word apron they think “cooking” and “chefs.” Aprons are mostly associated with this class of industry. But, they are also used in various other industries and by people at homes for various purposes.

Aprons in Restaurants

There are many kinds of aprons available in the world. Some common types of restaurant aprons in use are bib aprons, tuxedo aprons, four-way aprons, waist aprons, and bistro aprons. Bib aprons and four-way aprons are used extensively by chefs in the restaurant kitchen. Four-way aprons provide four clean sides for the chefs. They can wipe their hands on the apron and as and when one side gets soiled, the apron can be refolded to have the next clean side in the front. In this way, all four sides of the aprons can be used. Bib aprons protect the cooks from the heat of the stove as well as any splats or burning that could arise during the cooking process. Bib aprons also come in waterproof material. It is often used by chef assistants while cleaning fish or meat or even vessels. Waiters and waitresses are generally seen in small waist aprons that have a pocket in the front to keep their notebook, pen, and tips, if any. They not only serve this purpose but are often a cute addition to the ensemble.

There are certain things that need to be thought of before selecting the aprons at restaurants. First of all there should be uniformity. The serving staff and the cooking staff can have different kinds of aprons, but there should be some sort of similarity between them to show that they belong to the same restaurant. Invariably, it is great if the name or logo of the restaurant could be printed on the front side. The material used for the aprons need to be practical and preferably made from fire-safe materials. Pockets could be provided in the front for waiters to hold pens, notepads, and even additional packets of sugar or seasoning. Chefs can use the pockets in the front to hold quick ingredients, ladles, and so on. Do not choose a particular apron merely because it looks good. Think about the practicality of the aprons too before deciding on them. They are there more for their use than looks.

Restaurant aprons are available in many stores online as well as offline. Varied and versatile aprons are obtainable. They can be custom-made to meet the needs of the restaurant. This includes color, material, style, and design.

Though extensively used in the restaurant business, aprons have many other uses associated with it. Maids and cleaning personnel use it to protect their clothes against the dirt and grime. In home, they are used during cooking and cleaning. Many painters use an apron to protect their clothes from being sprayed with paint. Cobblers and blacksmiths use special aprons made from insulation material to protect them from heat and fire. These are just a few examples. The list of uses of apron is long that goes on and on.