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Aprons – A Part Of Everyday Life

Bib ApronAprons are protective garments as well as fashion statements. They are worn for various reasons by people in different walks of life. As such, there are many varieties of aprons available and more and more innovative designs are coming up as the years are rolling by. Earlier, they were confined to women but now they are universally used by men, women and children.

Kinds And Uses Of Aprons

Aprons come in a variety of shapes and styles. Bib aprons, tuxedo aprons, shop aprons, waist aprons, bistro aprons, four way aprons, cobbler aprons are all examples of the variety out there. Materials used are generally cotton, poly cotton, plastic, leather and other insulation and waterproof material. The first thing that crosses a person’s mind when he or she hears the word apron is cooking. Yes, aprons are extensively used by chefs everywhere. They act as a protective garment as well as a piece of cloth where the chefs can wipe their hands when they get soiled. Many chefs are seen using four way aprons in their kitchens. This gives them four clean sides that can be used. They are also used at home while working in the kitchen. Aprons can be used to dry dishes, hold hot dishes and so on.

Aprons that have pockets in them can be used in a wide variety of ways. They can be used to hold tools, ladles, spoons, small notepad, pens, calculator, towels, cleaning rags and other secret ingredients! Aprons made of insulation material are generally useful to cobblers, blacksmiths and others who work with hot material. They protect their body from the heat. In restaurants that serve crab and other items that are messy to eat, the customers are provided with bib aprons that protect their clothing from the flying food parts. Similarly, there are waterproof aprons that can be worn when doing messy jobs like collecting garbage, cleaning fish and so on. Then there are the cocktail aprons that are short and cute. They are generally worn by those who serve at cocktail parties. Schools kids are given cute little aprons when they are assisting the teacher in chores like baking, coloring, playing with clay and so on. For many, it is a fashion statement. Famous celebs and TV personalities are seen wearing them while making various demonstrations in cooking or otherwise.

Purchase Of Aprons

Aprons can be purchased from retail outlets, department stores and also online. Wholesale aprons are available in many of the online stores. They can be purchased for a much subsidized rate by restaurant owners and others who need them in bulk to give to their employees. There are many stores that provide novelty designs in aprons. There are aprons available with funny slogans, cute pictures and some are of vintage style. Before purchasing the apron it is always better to have a clear idea of what is required, especially if the purchase is going to be bulk. This includes the style, material, color and size.

The common misconception that an apron only belongs to the kitchen has undergone a sea change. People are accepting the fact that it is not a mere accessory for cooking; rather it has become a part of everyday life.