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Analytics Packages To Gauge The Returns Of Your Social Media Campaigns

We mentioned in one of our write-ups a few weeks back that a big bulk of restaurants’ marketing budget for this year is allocated to social media campaigns. Restaurateurs today realize that they need to spend more on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Foursquare (plus a host of many others) to be able to reach out and connect to today’s tech-savvy consumers, as social media has outpaced all other marketing efforts in terms of priority and effectiveness.

But along with that awareness, restaurateurs also recognize the need to see how much returns he is getting with the efforts and expenditures that he has spent on social media. Social media platforms can be availed of at no cost, but the time and effort used up by an apron-clad restaurant employee in maintaining it could not be accounted as free—posting Facebook statuses, tweeting, coming up with Foursquare promotions and responding to customers’ interactions eat up a vast amount of time.

We have already discussed last month some of the tools that you can utilize in gauging the impact that your Twitter and Facebook accounts have on your customers—Pagelever, Klout, Twytalizer, Twittercounter and Tweetreach, and now we’ll proceed to more analytics packages that you can consider having:


Viralheat is a one stop shop—the key to understanding the different types of social media and all its facets and intricacies. It covers numerous viral video destination sites, blogs and websites, and is able to collect and analyze the data of each medium using their own network. Viralheat boasts of extensive coverage, unlimited data and in-depth analytics that will enable you to discover your scope of influence on your market—finding out who supports you, knowing your detractors and learning the mood each time your restaurant is mentioned in cyberspace; in other words, it allows you to know the people who you might want to invite for dinner and be served by your apron-clad servers at your restaurant, as well as spy on what your competitors are doing.

Market Me Suite

Market Me Suite is perfect for multiple businesses, or when you want to project different personas to your audience. This analytics platform allows its users to manage different social media campaigns all in one place, and gives businesses pro-active marketing suites—restaurateurs can go out there and start conversations, brand themselves, follow people and inform current and potential consumers of their presence.

Google Analytics

Not only does Google Analytics keep track of your Facebook visitors and Twitter followers and convert those into sure bookings, it can also measure your advertising return on investment (ROI) in general—it analyzes your traffic through advanced segmentation, collects the data you need through flexible customization, helps you write better-targeted marketing initiatives through its efficient e-commerce tracking, and gives you strategic solutions to better optimize your efforts.

Measuring your efficiency in your marketing campaigns using any of the mentioned tools is highly important so you can maximize the spending of your marketing budget and turn your marketing around by gaining a higher return on investment and a lower cost per lead (CPL).