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Add Elegance With Leather Menu Covers

Leather Menu CoversLeather menu covers can add a touch of class and elegance to your restaurant. If you are an owner of an upscale restaurant or café, you need to make sure that everything, starting from the napkins, menu covers, table covers and crockery is chosen with care and maintained properly. Customers take note of all these aspects to determine the quality of service and worth of a dining place.

Many Types To Choose From

Leather menu covers are available in many types. Customers can choose from single pocketed, double pocketed or multiple pocketed covers. They can choose either the standard black color or something different like beige, red or brown. Menu covers leather can be customized to suit the décor of the restaurant. You can have your logo along with the name of your restaurant imprinted on them. This will not only make the covers unique but also help in promoting your brand. The covers can also be customized according to the theme of the restaurant. A Chinese restaurant could have Chinese designs on menu covers to give customers a real feel of China.
Before buying covers, it is better to do some research on the different types of menu covers leather available in the market. There are mainly two types of leather covers – bonded leather covers and genuine leather covers. The former is made of leftover leather pieces that have been pressed together and then bonded with an agent. The latter type is made with an actual piece of leather and therefore pricier. Most of the leather menu covers available in market are made of bonded leather.


Leather menu covers not only exude grandeur but are also very durable. Unlike paper and vinyl covers, they can easily withstand everyday wear and tear. They are almost stain free and can be quickly cleaned with a damp cloth. Investing in them is a wise decision, as they stay with you for long. They can be used for a minimum of three years. They do not need to be replaced frequently which means lower overheads.

Leather menu covers are slightly more expensive than when compared to vinyl covers but they are worth every cent you spend on them. It is best to buy them from a reliable source and choose the covers carefully.

While choosing your menu covers, it is necessary to pay special attention to the construction of covers. The covers should have rugged edges to avoid fraying of ends and should be stitched to perfection. To give a plush feeling, the covers should have some sort of padding inside. It is best to buy covers that have leather corners to hold the menus. This gives a classy look to the covers and also increases their strength and durability. If you are looking to add a royal touch, then having metallic linings along the periphery of the cover will do wonders.

Getting stylish and classic leather menu covers is not difficult. There are many wholesalers and manufacturers who have set up online shops for selling hotel supplies like stationery, menu covers and aprons. Wholesale buyers are offered discounts. For big orders, these firms even supply custom-made menu covers at reasonable rates.