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A Hotel Owner’s Guide for Buying Chef Coats and Other Chef Clothing

Black Short Sleeve Chef CoatYou will find many different kinds of chef coats in the market today. Buying one to suit your requirements can sometimes be very difficult. There are several key aspects of chef jackets that you need to be aware of. Most professional cook coats are either available in black or white color. There may be few variants in the colors, but by and large, you will find the black and white coats in plenty.

Tips for Selecting Chef Coats and Other Chef Clothing

The professional cook coats can either be of waist length or knee length. If you are a professional cook working in a five star hotel, you will have to abide with the attire rules and regulations. Most five star hotels around the world have a standard type of clothing for professional cooks or chefs.

These five star hotels either get the chef clothing tailor-made or they buy them in bulk quantities. Hotel owners would want that all their employees have a proper and uniform dress code. To make sure that the dress code is uniform, the chefs are given specifications for their official cooking attire. As a hotel owner, if you feel that you can offer free chef clothing to the chefs, you will have to customize each chef clothing. One thing to keep in mind is the latest trends in chef clothing. If you are customizing the chef clothing such as the chef coats, pants, hats, and aprons, you need to ensure that you are using the right materials and the right designs.

There are traditional designs and conventional designs for the chef clothing. The design of the chef clothing needs to match the theme of the hotel. Another important aspect of the chef clothing is the name of the hotel or logo of the hotel that would be printed on clothing. Most hotel owners would give the job of printing the logo of the hotel to the garment manufacturer. But, these days, you will find many designers who can do a fantastic job with the designs.

The logo or the hotel name is generally on the left side of the chef jacket or coat. This name or logo needs to be prominent or distinctive so that it catches the eye of the onlookers. The logo or name of the hotel needs to be in a contrasting color to the chefs’ clothing. For example, if you have decided on a white chef clothing, the name of the hotel can be in black, blue, green, or any other dark color. Similarly, if you have decided on a black color for the chefs’ clothing, you can have the hotel name in white, light blue, or any other light color.

The size of the logo or the name of the hotel is also very important. Too large fonts and too small fonts are not advisable. Hotel owners should see a sample first before they decide on the bulk order of the chefs’ clothing.

There are several websites that offer their services to design the hotel logos or names on chef coats, pants, caps, and so on. As hotel owners are looking for the best service and quality, they would expect the best quality and service given to them as well.