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A Guide on Menu Covers

Cafe Menu CoversAs a restaurant owner, a person would like to give their customers a feel of sitting at a place that is unique in its elegance and grandeur, right from the menu covers to the service provided. Having quality covers is just as important as serving sumptuous delicacies. Creating first impressions is crucial for business. Even before ordering their food, customers will begin to pass judgments right from observing the type of menu covers that are being used. There are many companies that provide wholesale menu covers that are custom-designed. So, choosing the right type of menu cover is imperative for business. Mentioned below are various types of these covers that restaurant owners can choose from.


This type of menu cover is commonly used worldwide. These are considered most versatile as the paper menus can be changed with ease and the vinyl can be cleaned really fast. These come in several styles and sizes.


There are many companies that offer menu covers that are custom-made. They come in various sizes and styles. In the past, they used to be made of materials ranging from metal, plastic, and wood to vinyl materials. Presently, companies offer these covers that can be redesigned from a current menu cover or provide a completely new design.

Imitation Leather

Another option is choosing imitation leather. These are covers that are soft and are leather-like. The corners are of heavy metal, while the binding is supported by scrim. The edges are sewn well for durability. Some companies give the option of foil stamping to match the color of the corners. Chipboard for the front and back cover is also present.


Choosing a leather menu cover is also a good option. Some wholesale companies offer menu covers that have a leather exterior and are hand-turned so as to give the look of sophistication. The interiors may have cloth backing as well as leather corner mounts so as to hold the paper.


Choosing a leatherette menu cover is a good idea as the material is not only strong, but it also looks impressive. Many companies offer foil stamping and debossing along with it. Sizes of these covers vary from Half Letter, Letter Size to Legal Size which is 5.5 inch x 8.5 inch, 8.5 inch x 11 inch, and 8.5 inch x 14 inch, respectively.


If a restaurant speaks elegance, this is the menu cover to go with. Its micro-suede look and the feel of Vienna fabric make this the ideal choice. Many companies offer these covers with an extra charge for foil stamping and debussing. These covers too vary in sizes from Half Letter, Letter Size to Legal Size.

Check Presenters

This is another menu cover that is unique as both leather and imitation leather are bonded together.

If entrepreneurs are considering opening a restaurant, it is recommended that they consider purchasing menu covers that fit their pocket. If it is an upscale restaurant, the leather, leatherette, or Vienna covers are ideal to go with.