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Stylish Spun Poly Aprons For Chefs

Childrens Bib ApronWhen you’re working in the kitchen, Aprons form a major component of your attire. It protects your clothes from stains, splatters, and other spots that are a common feature of culinary. For the chefs, who work hard in the kitchen with all sorts of sauces, soups, and ingredients for the recipes, it’s important that they don this vital piece of clothing.

When we talk of Aprons, the first image that flashes in the mind is that of a white cloth with a string, dangling from the neck and two side strings tied behind the back for fit. Well, the modern times have seen a far-reaching change in the way chefs dress. Thanks to the designers with out-of-box creativity, an Apron has witnessed a make over. Now, it’s no longer a necessity-clothing. It has become a style statement.


Fit is important and so is the style. You should be able to move your hands and waist freely. Loose fitting Aprons and clothes, for that matter, can be dangerous in the kitchen. They might catch the flames or get their ends soaked in the bowl of soup, creating a mess. You must be appropriately dressed to work on the recipes in the kitchen.

Aprons come in a mind-blowing variety nowadays. You can get them in bib style, waist length, bistro, cobbler, without pockets, tuxedo, 4-way clothing, and even waterproof ones. You can get them in standard white, or black, or cool blues, or other interesting colors. Chef’s uniforms are no longer confined to a strict white color. Today, you can see chefs wearing all colors and shades, sometimes even patterned uniforms or themed clothing to complement with the cuisine they specialize in.

Guess what? Today, even your kid can get an Apron for herself! They are not experts in handling the cake batter and may spill some over their clothes. When you teach her to bake a pie or toss an egg in the pan, make sure they wear this protective clothing. Kids, obviously, make a mess when they try their hands at culinary skills.


The new Aprons have created a wave in the market. They are spun poly pieces that feature greater durability. These spun poly clothing that feels like pure cotton. They let your skin breath in the hot kitchen. You can wash them without fear of damaging their fibers. They neither shrink, nor need ironing. (What a relief!)

For chefs, it helps to have clothes that can wash well, give a good handling, and last long. When you work in the kitchen, preparing hundreds of dishes in a day, it’s but natural that your clothes will show signs of wear and tear faster. So, clothes are that spun strongly and feature certain qualities conducive to the tough kitchen environment are ideal.

You need not hide behind plain, white Aprons anymore. Get more life in the kitchen. Flaunt stylish clothing while serving your customers. They should not only be impressed by the food, but also by your dressing sense. It makes a difference.