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Stars And Their Restaurant Businesses

Restaurants are the ideal place to entertain, that’s why celebrities find it the perfect way to make their money roll. In a way, and to a certain extent, it’s mixing business with pleasure. And yes, they do have the resources that can bankroll that hobby—a place where they can comp meals for their friends, and play the skilled host. Not all celebrity backed-restaurants are successful, but here are 10 of our favorite ones whom Zagat rates as the more successful onesin the country:

1 Robert Redford, Zoom in Park City, Utah

Zoom is part of this Oscar-winning American actor’s four season Sundance Ski-area Resort. Signature dishes in their luscious menu in elegant menu covers include baby back pork ribs with poppy seed and cornbread, jalapeño crab dip and Mexican seafood ceviche.

2 Francis Ford Coppola, Café Zoetrope in Sentinel Building, San Francisco

The restaurant is named after the American director’s production company, American Zoetrope. It describes itself as a European style café which offers authentic Italian cuisine. Its specialties are wood fired pizzas, muffalettas, chilaquiles and pastas.

3 Don Johnson, Ana Mandara in Beach Street, San Francisco

Ana Mandara is a Vietnamese restaurant whose name refers to a 700-year-old love story, translated as “beautiful refuge.” It’s known as Don Johnson’s restaurant, but is also famous for its Chef Khai Duong, who offers entertaining dishes in their delectable menu in stylish menu covers, like Blissful Wonders, Seductive Sirens and Heat of the Moment.

4 Michael Jordan, one sixtyblue Restaurant in East Randolph St., Chicago IL

Not content in being one of the most marketed sports figures in history, Michael Jordan also tops the list in being one of the most effective athlete-turned-restaurateur of today, thanks to his one sixtyblue restaurant in Chicago. One sixtyblue took its name from its original address in 160 Loomis, where the building was known as “the big blue building.”

5 Robert De Niro, Ago in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, South Beach and New York, Tribeca Grill in New York and Nobu, which has 22 locations all over U.S.

Famous Robert de Niro seems to fare well with restaurants, as he has three brands with multiple locations. He’s had Tribecca Grill since 1990, Nobu in 1994 and Ago, which already has branches in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, South Beach and New York.

6 Justin Timberlake, Southern Hospitality and Destino in New York

One of the best things about Southern Hospitality is not just the food, they say, but also star-spotting, where you can find Lindsay Lohan at hanging out. Destino is known for its chef Mario Curko, who offers his notable Destino chicken cacciatore, spaghetti carbonara and veal Marsala.

7 Eva Langoria, Beso in Los Angeles, California

Desperate Housewives’ Gabrielle Solis, a.k.a. as Eva Langoria, is doing well with her Beso in L.A. although she was forced to close the Las Vegas location. Beso offers Mexican cuisine, “a Latin approach to classic steakhouse.”

8 Ashton Kutcher, Dolce and Geisha House in Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

Ashton Kutcher invested in Dolce, which takes pride in their Italian tapas (along with many others) and Japanese-themed Geisha House, which also serves as a Sushi Bar and a Sake Lounge.

9 Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Bongo’s Cuban Cafe

The Cuban couple loves music, Latin parties and food, and they display their passion through Bongo’s Cuban Café, a restaurant and nightclub which has numerous locations in the U.S. and Mexico.

10 Sylvester Stallone, Planet Hollywood, Bucca di Beppo

Bucca di Beppo, which roughly translates to “Joe’s Basement” (bucca means hole, which is used as a slang word for basement or cellar; while beppo is a common nickname for Giuseppe, the Italian name for Joseph), is famous for serving Southern Italian food.