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Local Cops Wear Aprons For The Sake Of Charity

Waterproof ApronYou get a sense of purpose from wearing aprons – you know you are about to enter a line of service. Restaurants vie amongst themselves trying to outdo each other in every department from culinary skills, ambience, décor, price, and service. The chef’s apparel is something that has come to be associated with service, class, and style by restaurant patrons. Aprons, coats, pants, and hats must be unique to give an eating joint a distinctive feel.

Aprons come in different designs and colors depending on your tastes and preferences. You get waterproof ones and ones with pockets, expensive and wholesale aprons, and so on, but in March 2011, you would have seen a different set of professionals sporting aprons – The Local Cops!

The Event

The city cops donned these distinctive aprons for a charitable cause – the Special Olympics, Virginia. This is an event held annually to help bring children and adults with intellectual disabilities to slowly join mainstream society through sports competitions. Around 2000 competitions are held every year and about 20000 are held worldwide. Athletes can participate at any level – local, State-wide, Nation-wide, or even internationally.

The proceeds from tips collected by the local police participating in waiting on tables at select restaurants go entirely towards this worthy cause. This enables maximum and free participation to thousands of athletes with mental disabilities.

Humanitarian Hearts

As the cops do not keep any of the tips, they are doing this totally from the goodness of their hearts. It is quite a sight to see citizens heartily cheering a cop wearing an apron when they come around to wait on them and their loved ones. Their good deeds are going to help some athlete manifest his potential in front of large crowds of applauding spectators making him feel, for those precious moments, like a part of the group, in particular and society, in general.

Expected Collections

These Samaritans in aprons collect as much as $20,000 in tips. It is a sizeable donation to the Special Olympics, Virginia. It is indeed a proud moment in the lives of cops and citizens alike when those burly men on beats wear aprons and bus tables to make someone else’s life better.

The Difference you can make

The next time they are in your part of town, remember to tip those benevolent souls in the restaurant aprons generously. They are not only your saviors on the streets but also warm souls who are contributing their time and energy in aprons for a good cause. This is a means through which you can help make our society a more inclusive one, minus any prejudices.

You will always associate aprons with altruism post these sorts of events. It is, of course, exciting to see local cops in such an accessible and friendly light. It is the spirit of charitable service through hospitable service that uplifts and encourages these athletes to perform and give it their best.