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Let’s Talk About Food Movies

Let’s take a break from all these serious stuff we talk about here, and discuss something lighter..like movies. Yup, movies…again. We have had restaurant movies a few months back, taking a glimpse at those films with restaurant operations as their themes –we featured Julie and Julia, Big Night, The Ramen Girl and Ratatouille, and checked out how these films allow us to remember our own experiences in the business.

Now we’re throwing in our cool personalized aprons as we feature these scenes from food movies. Food movies are defined as those films that, for the most part, feature food as its main attraction, embodying the same characteristic that makes for a great chef: passion for food. These may not make you laugh nor cry, or may not inspire you (although for the most part they were able to), one thing sure is that they all would make you hungry.

Eat Drink Man Woman MovieEat Drink Man Woman

This film might be an old one, a Taiwanese film released in 1994, but this is one of those movies which have clearly displayed the artistry and technique of gourmet Chinese cooking, as can be scene in this OPENING SCENE. Directed by Academy Award winner Ang Lee (director of Brokeback Mountain, Sense and Sensibility, Hulk), the movie revolved around a widowed and semi-retired master chef named Chef Chu, and his three daughters. As the film develops, each of his daughters encounter new relationships with men, and when these relationships blossomed, their relationships were fractured and their living situation was forced to change. The family members find it hard to express their affection to one another, and they get to show their love for each other through their intricate preparation of quality banquet meals during their Sunday dinners. The movies Soul Food, released in 1997, and Tortilla Soup, which was released in 2001, were both re-makes of this film.

Waitress MovieWaitress

Waitress is a charming little film which tells the story of a waitress named Jenna, who makes the best pies in town. Jenna was trapped in a loveless marriage, got pregnant and eventually found happiness in another relationship, all the time while working in a pie diner. Her pie-making scenes in the movie were all passionately shot, showing the beauty, intricacies and pleasure of making sumptuous and delectable pies as shown in this VIDEO. Her thoughts and feelings were revealed through the pies she made, and how passionately she made them – she had pies she called the Bad Baby Pie, I-Don’t-Want-Earl’s-Baby Pie and Naughty Pumpkin Pie. This film has gotten an average review and is definitely not a candidate for the Oscars, but we’re talking about the food here – the scenes were great and the pies looked awesome.


Tampopo MovieYup, this is another foreign film, but give this a chance—watch the way they prepare their Japanese noodle in this FILM CLIP and notice how you would want to make your fingers crawl to dial Chinese delivery in a jiffy. If you love Japanese noodles, that is. Tampopo is a 1985 Japanese comedy movie, a humorous expression of the joys of food, shown through the story of two friends who helped a widow named Tampopo (Japanese term for dandelion) set-up a fastfood noodle restaurant.

You can also try checking out the Danish movie Babette’s Feast—food critics say a list of food movies can’t be complete without this. And who can forget Adam Sandler’s the world’s greatest sandwich in his 2004 movie Spanglish? Big Night’s lavish feast is also known to send a lot of people prowling for an Italian restaurant after watching the movie, or put on their personalized aprons and start cooking something Italian. And if you want a sexy chef, try checking out Penelope Cruz’ 2000 movie, Woman On Top. Have fun!