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Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

It’s almost Father’s Day!  Everyone’s preparing to honor the special man of the house—the restaurants,   department stores, shopping centers and online shops, most especially.  There was a time when Father’s Day was just viewed by many as merely a highly commercialized occasion. Slowly, however, we have come to accept the annual celebration as a necessary occasion, more in line with our other family celebrations – Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and Mother’s Day.

But do you know that there was really a legal move to legitimize the holiday as a commercial event 73 years ago?  In the 1930s, the Associated Men’s Wear Retailers created a National Father’s Day Committee in New York City with the aim of legalizing and administering the holiday as a money-making affair in order to boost sales of commercial businesses.  Many came to oppose the idea, but in due course, people came to accept the idea of giving gifts during this day of remembering fathers.

And why should we not?  Father’s Day was really intended to honor fathers.  The very first celebration of Father’s Day happened in Fairmont, West Virginia on July 5, 1908 and was arranged by Mrs. Grace Golden Clayton.  She wanted to commemorate the 210 fathers who died in the Monongah Mining disaster which happened a few months earlier in Monongah, West Virginia.  Several years of congress bills, disputes and national recommendations went by, and by 1972, Richard Nixon finally proclaimed the day as a national holiday. Now, almost all countries all over the world celebrate Father’s Day in varying dates, with majority celebrating it on the 3rd Sunday of June.

And yes, June 19th is our day to celebrate Father’s Day.  Do you need gift ideas for your fathers?  Here’s our Top 10 Gift Ideas for Dads on Father’s Day 2011:

Grilling tools.  Dads love to grill!  Give him more grilling tools like tongs, sharp knives or a new griller.  Combine it with a pro-looking apron and a matching table linen and you’re all set.

Alcohol.  Top-shelf liquor is a luxury your Dad is not likely to give himself, and it’s a handy thing to have when his friends come over to visit.

Leather Wallet.  What make a wallet a perfect gift is the idea that Father remembers you every time he makes monetary transactions.

Chef’s Uniform.  Fathers love to work in the kitchen, and what better way to show him that you respect his cooking prowess than by letting him don a professional chef’s uniform, complete with a towering chef’s hat, aprons, chef’s coat and chef’s pants.

Sport’s tickets.  Level-up his television sports watching and take him to a live game.  Or give him two or three tickets so he can invite his friends.

Books.  Get him a great book on his favorite subject, or a sequel to his favorite bestseller.

Portable Hammock.  He would have the time of his life reclining on a hammock during lazy days.

DVD. Dads love to watch TV, so why not get him a DVD of his favorite television series?  Or his favorite classic movie?

Travel Case.  Dad would have a great time organizing his toiletries, towels and all his travel necessities in his new convenient travel case.

Cooler Bag.  Whether he goes hiking, golfing, or going away for the weekend, cooler bags are perfect for his cool drinks.