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Food Trends in 2011

Double Pocket Cafe Menu CoverHere is our list of Food Trends in 2011.

Trend spotting is a vital tool used in planning any kind of business, as it gives us an idea of what the market wants.  Listening to the demands of your market ensures captured patrons for your product — thus guaranteeing the success of your venture.  And, aside from the business side of it, it’s always great to know what’s in and what’s not.

A lot of forecasts have been given by many experts in the food and restaurant industry, most of which includes emerging industry and cooking practices.  But we are limiting this article to food trends alone, or those that we believe in, anyway.

Health Food

1   Grain food. Grain food still tops the list of Food Trends in 2011.  The food that fills-up and controls hunger, yet not loaded with fat.  Bread, cereal, crackers and tortillas are some of them.

2   Brown rice. Brown rice has become very popular because of its many benefits – an outstanding source of magnesium, iron, selenium, manganese and more.  But it became more popular because of the fact that it is a good source of dietary fiber.

3   Seed snacks. Pumpkin seeds, rape, sesame, hemp, linseed, oats, apricot kernels, chili, cayenne pepper and all other healthy seed snacks have become very well-liked because they are delicious and fun to nibble on – and are said to contain a lot of protein and Vitamin A.

4   Fish. People are coming to love this lean protein, a healthier alternative to meat.  Known to be a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin and minerals, fish helps prevent heart disease.  Raw fish also gets to be included in the Food Trends in 2011, as it is also becoming increasingly popular – sashimi and ceviche being the highlights in many major restaurants.

Savory, Sophisticated Flavorings

5 Umami 5 Pastes. The emergence of Umami 5 Paste, now promoted as the natural “flavor bomb,”   has become increasingly popular, which transforms ordinary dishes into sophisticated ones.

6 Harisa. People love spices not just because it lessens the risk of cancer, but because they just love the sheer taste of it.  Harisa is an important spicy condiment used in Mediterranean cooking.  It is made up of different kinds of peppers and chilies, and is often eaten with pasta, sandwiches or pizza.  Harissa paste is also good as a rub for meat for added flavor.

7 Tikka Masala.
Tikka Masala is spicy curry which started in India, and became extremely popular in Europe and America, thus making it to the list of Food Trends in 2011.  This flavor is forecasted to continue flying high in the next years to come.

8 Nutmeg. Nutmeg has always been known as a preventive medicine which helps in curing loss of memory, nausea and urine bleeding.  But its fame reached its height, allowing getting into the list of food trends this year, with the growing discussion that it is an effective aphrodisiac, especially to women.

Luxury Food

9 Artisanal chocolates. Who says there’s a problem with economy?  Small luxuries do not hinder us from buying a $4 to $5 worth of Starbucks coffee, or $8 to $10 worth of artisanal chocolates.  Luxury food will thrive on, and expect that many of these expensive “I’m-gonna-treat-myself-to-this” fares will come up.

10 Pies. We’ve had pies for ages, but are ready for the emergence of a wide range of varieties of this well loved baked dish.  Specialty pies are soon coming up, joining our set of food trends this year.

11 Gourmet Ice pops. Can you imagine yourself eating a bacon-flavored ice pop?  Ice pops in interesting flavors like peanut butter and mango chile are soon flagging the market.  Known as paletas in Mexico and in some areas in the United States, these frozen items are usually made from fresh fruits.  But they’re now coming up with more exotic flavors, so let’s all watch out.

There you go – the food trends for 2011.  If there’s anything here that you haven’t really tasted or tried, go start checking them out on their menu covers you wouldn’t want to get left behind, would you?