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Cooktorials Saves the Day

So here’s the scenario:  Mom called that she will drop by the house for dinner this evening.  She called while you were in the office, and now you’re in a hurry to go home and prepare dinner.  No time to shop and plan for a meal, really. No worries just put on that personalized apron as Apple’s Cooktorials app plans to save the day.

Or here’s another one:  you planned a weekend getaway with a set of friends at your uncle’s beach house, far from supermarkets and restaurants.  You brought along everything you needed for your Pasta Arrabiata as spelled out in your most cherished recipe book – rigatoni, olive oil, onions, garlic, chilies, tomato paste, tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, rocket leaves, and all the works.  When you got there you realized that you left the bag which contained everything!   So now you’re left with making do with whatever is in the refrigerator – you look in and wonder, what can you do with beef, a few carrots and some potatoes?

Designed for busy iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users who love to cook, Cooktorials helps plan, shop and cook meals that are ideal for entertaining.  Realizing that it takes time for us to browse cookbooks when we are searching for meals, this cooking utility stored more than 1,000 recipes in one single gadget, slashing down the time we spend on the search by fifty-percent.  It also proves to be very handy, as it bails us out from the hassle of locating our cookbooks, much less carrying them around when we go to other places and encounter “emergency” cooking situations.

The app allows you to search for recipes based on the ingredients that you have in your fridge.  The ingredients are organized quite well, allowing you to touch ingredient categories like alcohol, bakery and nuts, dairy, deli, fish, fruits, meat, pasta, oils, dressings, sauces, spices and all others.  Once you tap bakery and nuts, the selection screen gives you choices of almonds, baking powder, baking soda, bread, cakes, chocolate, compote and many more.  Press deli and you can filter the deli ingredients you want to use for today’s meal:  would you be using caviar, clams, crab salad, crayfishes, escargot, falafel, or fish roe?  Your oils and dressings choices are apple sauce, barbeque sauce, French dressing, horseradish, hot pepper sauce, hot sauce, Italian dressing, ketchup, mayonnaise and so many others.

Having entered your ingredients, you can now enter what type of cuisine you want to cook.  The choices you have for this are countless worldwide dishes – American, Chinese, Vietnamese, Asian, Middle East, South American, African, Moroccan and many others.   The next filter you have to do is the level of difficulty for today’s cooking – easy, medium, hard.   Add the amount of time you can spend in cooking the meal, press the results and voila – you have a list of dishes that you can cook for today’s meal.

There are other applications that are available for purchase on Apple’s AppStore like Dishy, Jamie Oliver and Cooking Academy, but what sets Cooktorials apart is that it’s downloadable for free.  It does not need an internet connection and it does not require us a visit to the supermarket – it makes do with what we have.  Now, go put on your trendy personalized apron and start cooking.