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Chefs And Their Fringe Benefits

Sure, it’s tough being a chef, but it sure is fun, too. Every job comes with some hurdles, the same way that it also has its own set of benefits – each has its own specific categories to excel at. After years of being in the trade, it’s best to be reminded of the many advantages you have from all other jobs. So let’s take a look at 8 of the finest fringe benefits of being a chef:

1 You don’t have a boring desk job! You’re a mover and a shaker, and you can dance around in the kitchen—interact with cooks, waiters, customers and other industry colleagues. A day is never the same as the previous one.

2 You have unlimited creativity. You are always able to create your own dishes, tapping your ingenuity and inventiveness with experiments on different food and recipes, and it goes unlimited.

3 Your kitchen is yours! The only person who can’t tell you to get out of the kitchen is the owner, and if he has good sense, he will stay away from the kitchen to make sure he gets the best results from you. What makes this great? Your exclusive domain of your kitchen offers you power and domination of being like an owner of the business without the complications of managing it.

4 You are respected, which is hard to come by these days.Even the restaurant owner does not get that much respect as what a chef in functional chef apparel gets, as owners are basically just chef’s backers. You are the artist in the house.

5 Your income potential is limitless. You are talented and educated, and more often than not, are well compensated in the establishment that you work for. But even if you have not gotten what you want now, every day you spend in your kitchen entails limitless experience, and each experience brings you closer to your desired income.

6 You got the sought after fringe benefit of joy and solitude. Joy, because you’re an artist, and artists take great pride in their work and immensely enjoy what they do. You don’t see your job as work as you simply love doing it. Solitude, because at heart, chefs are often loners. The very profession of being a chef is their own personal skills and knowledge; and with or without outside forces, you know you can be happy accomplishing the task at hand.

7 You have access to unlimited great food. Yup, a no brainer. Chefs in their best chef apparel get the chance to create and taste the best foods the planet has to offer. Where else can you find a job where you can sample every flavor from each continent, understand what each flavor means and how each of them interacts with one another? You are a wise guru in the area of one of life’s most sublime pleasures: eating.

8 You have endless growth opportunities. Again, the more experience you acquire, the more opportunities are laid out for you—while other jobs look at age and gives preference to the younger generation, a chef’s career is not bound by age, but by experience. Such experience and opportunities translate to money, fame and possibilities of restaurant ownership. There is no cap on what a chef can do—write cookbooks, host cooking shows, become a celebrity chef. Truly, the boundary is only what your mind can conceive.