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Aprons For Kids – Fight Obesity By Teaching Them To Cook

Childrens Bib ApronYour kids don’t eat broccoli. Enroll them for a cooking class! The Learning Connection (TLC) had organized a special “Kids Can Cook” program. TLC is a division of adult and family literacy of the Southeast Regional Resource Center (SERRC) of Alaska. This 12-week nutritional literacy program is aimed to make kids and parents aware of healthy eating benefits through preparation of basic dishes and lessons in nutrition.

Child obesity is ringing alarm bells in the United States. Kids as young as ten are obese. Blame it on the fast food mania, or the ignorance of parents. The truth is if we don’t act fast, America might become a nation of the obese young.

Aprons To The Rescue

The idea is to make kids interested in food. As a parent, you must involve your kid in planning the weekly meals. Let them participate in food preparation. Have more family meals together. Make cooking and dining a creative and fun experience. Get your kids colorful aprons to wear while they help you in the kitchen.

Thinking about those plain, white pieces of clothing? Forget them! There is a whole range of designs and styles to choose from in child aprons. You can get them with cartoon characters, fairytale characters, flowers, butterflies, and other interesting stuff imprinted on them. You’d be flabbergasted by the terrific styles in kids’ aprons online! You can get them double-breasted, or embroidered, with elastic pants. There are also frilly aprons for your little princess. The pink apron looks cute on the little lady chef of the house!

Teach your kid the importance of aprons and how they contribute to hygienic and healthy cooking. When there are kids in the kitchen, you can pretty well anticipate spills, food pieces sprawled on the counter, messy hands, and, of course, food art on the apron! Make sure you clean your kid’s apron regularly.

Guess what? You even get kids’ chef hats! So, you’ve complete culinary wear for the little chef who is ready to embark on the journey of exploring the green veggies and fruits. Moreover, donning an apron makes your kid feel like a “grown-up” and ready to take charge!

Kids Love Their Greens!

Don’t be surprised if your kid develops a love for broccoli or alpha-alpha sprouts or beans. This is the beauty of getting the kids involved in cooking. They gradually start looking upon fruits and vegetables as edible stuff! As you introduce them to fresh and whole fruits, round and plump tomatoes, the lovely green shades of broccoli and beans, the slenderness of carrots and radish, and the soft touch of dark green leaves, they would actually want to taste them. You need to be patient with them though.

Let them handle the vegetables on their own in the kitchen and experiment with the dishes. They are likely to develop a great taste. Make sure they cut fruits and soft vegetables like tomatoes with a dull knife. You don’t want bleeding fingers here! You can start by making them do simple tasks like tearing lettuce leaves, mixing the batter, washing the vegetables and fruits, garnishing, and others. Always tell them about kitchen safety and how to be careful with hot oil and splatters.

Studies have shown that kids who get involved in cooking early in their life are more likely to cook on their own in high school and later. They develop a tendency to prefer home-cooked food to junk food. Getting your kid into the kitchen to prepare dishes is, in fact, paving a healthy adulthood for him or her. They are more likely to lead a healthier lifestyle if exposed to the raw veggies and how they are made into savory dishes.

Cooking on their own instills enthusiasm in kids. When there is a group of curious kids with proud aprons on them, the cooking area might get messy.

But the result will leave you with a smile. If you notice your kid shifting toward the wrong side of the weight scale, it’s time to buy her an apron. Let her make her own breakfast. This can be an important step in carving a healthy future for your kid.