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10 Most Famous Celebrity Chefs

What did we say about celebrity chefs before? That they brought a whole new culture to the way we are entertained on TV these days. Where we used to be entertained by movie stars, musicians and Broadway stars before through their acting, playing musical instruments and singing, now we are entertained by ladle wielding cooks who look great even in paper chef hats, and concoct great-tasting recipes in front of the cameras. They’re amusing, and almost everyone knows and loves them.

Here’s a list of 10 of the most famous chefs in the world, based on how often they are searched on the internet:

Jamie Oliver

Everyone loves 36 year-old Jamie Olivier, English chef and philanthropist whose cooking style epitomizes his deep concern for people’s health. He has been known for his TV shows like The Naked Chef, cookbooks and his advocacies about healthy diets and food.

Gordon Ramsey

Yes, famous or infamous, this 45 year-old Scottish chef, TV personality and restaurateur gets a vast share of the limelight. Gordon Ramsey’s notoriety does not dissuade people from liking him and watching his TV shows, which are quite engaging and exciting, especially Hell’s Kitchen.

Rachael Ray

Known as the queen of Food Network for her many shows on the channel, 43-year old Rachel Ray is quite popular with cooks who are often in a tight schedule, love “shortcut” cooking and fancy using simple ingredients.

Bobby Flay

This 47 year-old busy restaurateur (he has 12 restaurants across the country) loves to grill, and he clearly shows it in his TV shows, which are most often about grillin’, chillin’ and BBQs.

Wolfgang Puck

Wolfgang Puck, 62, not only appears on TV and publishes cookbooks, but has parlayed into movies as well. He was able to establish a food empire, having 20 fine dining restaurants, 80 express operations and numerous kitchen and food merchandize.

Giada de Laurentiis

Born in Rome to a large Italian family who is devoted to food and its culture, 41 year-old de Laurentiis is celebrated for her versions of the homey recipes she shares on her TV shows.

Sandra Lee

Sandra Lee, 44, got recognized as a TV cook and author for her ideas on “semi-homemade” cooking. The cooking concept involves 30 percent fresh items and 70 percent pre-packaged products, and got mixed reviews both from viewers and critics.

Mario Batali

A favorite of many for his jovial and charming image, Mario Batali shines in many of his shows, which includes Iron Chef, Mario Eats and Molto Mario. Known for his classical culinary training, he is also an expert in Italian cuisine.

Emeril Lagasse

52-year-old Emeril Lagasse is well-loved on television, adored by a lot of cooking fans. His shows and books were also seen as one of those which paved the way for chefs to look more human and approachable to the public.

Jacques Pepin

Hailed by many as a real pro and a true genius in the kitchen, Jacques Pepin, who is turning 76 next month, doesn’t waste a lot of energy trying to entertain his audience—he doesn’t wear fancy paper chef hats to try and charm his way to their heart—he just gets right to the point in his shows and simply focuses on awesome food. That’s why his audience loves him.


There you have it, the top ten chefs according to one of the most reliable internet polls—search engines. If you have somebody else to add to the list, feel free to do so. We sure would love to hear from you.