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Three Disadvantages of Double-Stitched Menu Covers

For restaurant menu covers that require stitching as the primary bindery method, you must choose between single-stitched covers and double-stitched covers. Most people may automatically assume that double-stitched covers are better but that is not necessarily so.

Following are three disadvantages of double-stitched menu covers that even the most experienced restaurant manager may not think of:

1. Vinyl Damage

    Double stitching is literally what it sounds like—twice as many stitches are made to secure a binding. That means there are twice as many holes made in the vinyl portion of the menu. When this happens, the vinyl then becomes more compromised and prone to show the effects of wear and tear faster, meaning your menu covers are not likely to last as long if they are double-stitched versus single-stitched.

    2. Heavy Weight

      More thread in the binding adds weight to the overall menu cover. This puts more stress on the vinyl and contributes to faster breaking down with repeated use. Once again, the double stitching of a menu cover can shorten its lifespan and force you to pay for new covers sooner than you really should have to.

      3. Weaker Thread

        Sometimes double stitching is chosen as a way to bind menu covers because the thread that is used is not very strong and single stitching would not be sufficient. The quality of the thread used in any stitching method for your menu cover directly impacts the ultimate quality and longevity of your covers and should be discussed with your supplier. Make sure that you find a vendor who uses the highest quality thread and then you can be secure in your choice to purchase single-stitched covers.

        Another factor that affects the durability of your menu cover is the actual vinyl. Poor-quality vinyl will always break down faster no matter what method of bindery is used.

        Because quality matters, KNG carries only high-quality menu covers but always at affordable prices. This helps you get the covers that look good and last long to save you money down the road.