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Pros and Cons of Scratch-Resistant Vinyl Menu Covers

If your restaurant’s menu style requires a vinyl cover, you have the ability to choose what type of vinyl you cover your menu with. Some are completely clear but more prone to showing wear such as scratches. Others are designed to be virtually scratch-resistant. These are highly popular and may or may not be right for your restaurant.

To determine if a scratch-resistant vinyl menu cover is what you should opt for, it is important to understand the pros and cons associated with this style and how it is best used.

Maximum Durability

The biggest benefit to a scratch-resistant vinyl menu cover is the durability that it delivers. As the name implies, these covers are designed to resist scratching and last through more wear and tear than their non-scratch resistant cousins. That means you can use them for longer and need to reorder less frequently, saving you valuable money that can be put into other parts of your business.

Less Clarity for Viewing

Even with advances in technology and design, scratch-resistant covers are not as clear as other types and therefore can negatively affect any images you may have on your menu. Menus that rely heavily on color photography and other graphical elements may suffer when a scratch-resistant vinyl menu cover is chosen. These covers have an opaque quality to them that makes photos look dimmer and less appealing that clear covers. This not only minimizes the positive impact that photos can have but may actually make them work against you as poor quality images of your food can turn people off faster than no images at all can.

Weigh the Situation

Be very clear about your overall menu design before selecting your cover choice. Note your use of photos as well as your budget and let those help to guide you to the right choice. Regardless of the cover you choose, we at KNG can make sure that you get good quality menus to help make your product last as long as possible.