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Make Your Restaurant Stand Out With a Menu That Complements its Theme

When diners go out to eat, they have a myriad of different restaurant options to pick from, often on the same street. One of the best ways to make your restaurant stand out from others near your location is with a menu that complements its theme and tells its unique story. However, to accomplish your goal, your menu needs to contain several specific features.

Capitalize on Color

From the lighting, the carpeting to the very artwork that lines the walls of your restaurant, you likely used a common color scheme while decorating your dining area. To reflect this same theme in your menus, select a few colors from your décor and incorporate them. For instance, if you own an Italian restaurant and use several deep shades of purple and red throughout your dining room, use these same hues in your menu.

It’s All About the Content

The text included in your menus is just as important as their overall appearance. Without the right wording, your menus could give off the wrong idea about your restaurant to patrons. For instance, if you own a hip, vegan café targeted towards people in their mid-twenties, you would want to give detailed descriptions of the ingredients included in your dishes instead of being overly descriptive about how each dish tastes.

Don’t Overlook the Font

The font you use in your menus is another way to incorporate your restaurant’s theme into this aspect of your patrons’ dining experience. For instance, if you own a high-scale establishment, you would want to use luxurious-looking fonts with swirls and multiple embellishments instead of plain text that you would see in a textbook.

Additionally, the durability and quality of your menu covers also plays a large role in making your restaurant stand out above others in its proximity. At KNG, we carry fine bistro menu covers, menu cases, bonded leather menus, and custom printed menu covers that will impress your guests every time they walk through your door to get something to eat.