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Five Elements of Successful Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner Combo Menus

Restaurants that offer breakfast, lunch and dinner face unique challenges when developing their menu designs. Some may opt to have separate menus for each meal while other businesses find it more effective to have only one menu. This can simplify management of items and also be important if customers can order from any part of the menu regardless of the time of day.

If the breakfast-lunch-dinner combination is the choice for your restaurant, you can use the following tips to help you get the most out of your menu.

1. Make it Logical

People do not think lunch before breakfast and your menu should not force them to. A standard three-panel menu works well for the tri-meal option. Use the inner left panel for breakfast, the center for lunch and the right for dinner. The back panel can list beverage and dessert items.

2. Get Colorful

Full color menus whet the appetite and help to sell your food. Use bold, inviting photos wherever possible through your menu to adjunct your on-page word descriptions.

3. Be Descriptive

Make sure that your menu design allows enough room for you to write descriptions of your dishes—at least your most important ones. The power of the word cannot be under-estimated in swaying customers’ ordering decisions.

4. Box it Up

The use of boxes around certain food group items, like sandwiches or sides, is a great way to help readers navigate your menu and call attention where you want it most.

5. Leverage the Icon

Icons can be used to delineate foods that meet special dietary needs, making it easy for customers looking for such foods to find what they want right away. You can also use icons to highlight customer favorites or new items.

Whether you are using boxes, photos, icons or other design elements, make sure that you do so in moderation. Too many of these items can clutter your menu and make it harder to read.

Another consideration when creating your menu is the quality of the menu itself. Budgets are important but do not be too shortsighted and order the cheapest products you can find or you may end up needing to reorder menus far too soon—costing you more money in the end. At KNG, we offer a selection of menu products that combine both quality and value to meet your budget and functional  needs.