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6 Ways Your Menu Can Match Your Restaurant’s Ambiance

Your restaurant is unique and has its own special feel that can range from casual and fun to elegant and romantic. No matter where your restaurant falls on that continuum, your menu can help to not only create the ambiance you are looking for but also reflect it to help provide a cohesive experience to your diners.

The following six things can all help your menu communicate what your restaurant is all about to your customers:

1. General Menu Style

There are multiple types of menus that you can select from. The café menu, for example, is ideal for many family restaurants and immediately says “value” to those who enter. Upscale steak restaurants, however, are generally better served with a bonded leather menu that exudes the level of elegance their customers are looking for.

2. Menu Accessories

The right accessories can adjunct your menu style choice nicely. A chip board in the back of a café menu upgrades your menu—and your restaurant—by letting people know that you offer both value and quality.

3. Custom Elements

Personalizing your menu with things like logos or foil stamping is a great way to confirm your identity to the world. Full color photos on the front cover can help exude an overall theme and feeling, such as a tropical island scene.

4. Font Choice

Some type fonts are whimsical while others are more traditional. Make the choice that best fits your restaurant and patrons.

5. Menu Descriptions

The power of words cannot be underestimated. Just like adding adjectives such as “gourmet” or “handmade” to your item descriptions can help sell dishes, so too can your choice of words reflect and match your restaurant’s theme or ambiance.

6. Menu Color

The primary color of your menu can be chosen to match your restaurant’s primary color or to complement an overall color scheme and be a great addition to interior design and uniform selections in creating your special feel.

These are just some of the ways that you can put your menu to work for you every day and help to provide your patrons with the experience they want.

The right menu can make a big difference in the ultimate dining experience. When shopping for menus, feel free to let us help you understand your options and which one can be right for your restaurant.