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6 Tips to Help Your Menu Boost Sales

Your restaurant’s menu is quite possibly the single most powerful item in your marketing toolbox. Think about it—your menu is the one and only thing that you can guarantee every customer will not only look at but actually read. With that in mind, you will want to choose your menu design and look carefully in order to maximize your sales and ultimate profit.

Following are six ways that your menu design can affect customers’ ordering decisions—and your revenue:

1. Style and Design
The general style of your menu sets the tone for customers before they even open it. From café menus to luxurious bonded leather menus, people instantly develop a mindset about the value associated with your restaurant—and how much they are willing to spend with you.

2. Quality and Condition
Menus that are falling apart or otherwise showing wear will not reflect well on your restaurant. Would you really want to order food from a place with a dirty menu? Ordering high-quality products from the start will help your menus stay looking their best for as long as possible.

3. Item Descriptions
Research shows that most customers are willing to pay more for an “artisan pizza” than for a plain “pizza”. A little effort pays off with your menu descriptions.

4. Placement
Customers’ eyes gravitate to certain parts of a menu first. For two-panel menus, this is on the top of the right panel. Find the most seen areas and use these to highlight your choice items.

5. General Layout
Make sure your items are logically grouped and ordered to avoid making it hard to navigate. This is especially important with longer menus.

6. Font Choice
Avoid making your type size too small, especially if your restaurant is dimly lit. A menu that is hard to read can hurt sales.
Taking the time to think through your menu design and appearance can help you and your wait staff to promote the items that are most profitable for you.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

The right menu design most certainly helps you work smarter, not harder. A good menu or menu cover supplier can understand your business and help you make the right choices in menu design. At KNG, we work to be that supplier and are always happy to help you make your menu choices.