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5 Tricks to Make Your Restaurant Menus Last Longer

As part of running your business wisely, you need to make sure that your supplies are of good quality and last as long as possible. Some things need to be replaced more frequently than others and this can include menus. No matter what style of menu you have, there are easy ways that you can extend the life of your menu and get more value and benefit from your investment.

Use these five tricks to extend the life of your menus:

1. Choose Quality Materials

No two material choices are the same—even of the same type. Ask questions about the quality when shopping for the base materials. These include vinyl covers, leather binding, chipboard material and more. Starting with high-quality products produces a longer life.

2. Choose Quality Manufacturing

Even if you select high-quality vinyl for covers, for example, you should still pay attention to the quality of thread used in the binding. Talk to your supplier about all factors that play into the finished menu product so that you can be sure you are getting the best.

3. Opt for Single Stitching

If you use a vinyl cover, single stitching produces fewer holes in your vinyl so that it will actually last longer and be less likely to breakdown prematurely.

4. Clean Regularly

As basic as it sounds, making sure to wipe your menus off regularly will help keep them looking their best. Food items that are left to sit and stick to menus will stain them and make them look older faster.

5. Store Properly

Find the best way to store your menus so that their binding is not compromised or that they are not mangled in the process of retrieving them.

With a little care and time, you can easily make your menus last longer and save money in the process.

As an experienced supplier of restaurant materials like menus and menu covers, KNG is proud to offer you a good combination of value and quality to keep you satisfied for a long time.