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10 Questions to Ask Potential Restaurant Supply Vendors

Choosing a restaurant supply vendor, or a few different vendors, is an important decision you’ll have to make as you get your restaurant’s operations up and running. To ensure you form a beneficial partnership, there are 10 main questions you should ask potential suppliers and several things you need to consider before making a final decision.

Questions to Ask

While interviewing potential restaurant supply vendors, the 10 crucial questions you should ask include the following:

  1. What are your credit terms?
  2. What is your delivery schedule like?
  3. Do you allow returns or do you provide credit if an exchange needs to be made?
  4. Do you require restaurants to make a minimum order or do you permit smaller orders?
  5. How often do you recommend placing recurring orders for your products?
  6. What type of systems and procedures do you use to sustain quality and ensure customer satisfaction?
  7. Do you do custom orders? How long does it take for these types of orders to be completed and shipped?
  8. Who do I speak to in case I have questions or if there is ever an issue with an order I placed?
  9. What is your selection of products like?
  10. As a vendor, what makes your operations unique?

Of course, if there are any questions that come to your mind as you are getting to know potential vendors, don’t be afraid to bring them up.

Making the Decision

Before you even start interviewing vendors, make sure that you have a clear picture of what your restaurant’s needs are. Without knowing this, you may struggle to understand exactly what each vendor is offering.

After you have conducted several interviews, narrow down which suppliers you would consider working with. While you may need several different vendors to meet your needs, try to keep the number of vendors you work with to a minimum to build beneficial relationships and to reduce the time you spend making orders.

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