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Menu Covers FAQ

Q: What is best, single needle or double needle sewing?
A: There is NO advantage to double needle sewing on menu covers. The only thing double needle sewing does is poke an extra set of holes in the vinyl. What is important is the thread used in the sewing process. We use bonded thread. This thread is so strong that you can not break it with your hands. It does not break down with sun or repeated washing.

See article: Test Results: Double vs. Single Stitching (Video Available)

Q: Which is better, clear or scratch resistant vinyl?
A: Half of our customers prefer scratch resistant menu covers, half prefer the clear. Clear menu covers are used more by restaurants that have extensive graphics. The advantage of the scratch resistant vinyl is that the menu jackets do not show scratches, so over the long term they will maintain the “new” appearance.

Q: I’m concerned about quality – why are your prices so low?
A: Labor is the major cost in manufacturing menu covers. KNG has invested millions of dollars in plant and proprietary equipment to become the world’s low cost producer of menu covers. Because of our automation, our labor costs are lower than our competitors.

Q: How many menu covers do I need?
A: It depends of the number of seats you have in your restaurant and the number of table-turns you have during peak hours. A rule of thumb is to order 10% more than the number of seats you have. By ordering 10% more, you will have extra menu covers to replace the ones that get stolen or damaged. This will save you the hassle of having to reorder more frequently than necessary.

Q: How soon can I get them?
A: Most menu covers are always in stock, and will be shipped immediately. If we are out of stock in the style and size menu cover you want, we will manufacture them and ship them ASAP.

For a estimated ship date:

  1. Select the menu covers you want
  2. Add them to your cart
  3. The Estimated Ship Date will be shown for each item
  4. Don’t forget to factor in transit time from Idaho to your location