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Test Results: Menu Cover Corners

Do Menu Corners Really Matter?

Most menu cover manufactures use corners that are 50% lighter and smaller than the corners we use at KNG. This means there is 50% less area that the corners clamp on the menu covers. This just seems like a bad idea to us, so we decided to test the two different corners.

How We Tested

  1. Five samples of each corner type were pulled away from the cover to measure the amount of force required to remove the corner.
  2. The tests were performed with a sharp hook to ensure the corner consistently pulled away from menu.

Results Of Tests

Summary: Large corners, like the ones KNG uses, are twice as strong as smaller corners used by others.

  • Large corners required an average of 16.4 lbs of force before it pulled off binding.
  • Small corners performed worse by only requiring an average of 8.5 lbs of force before it pulled off binding.


Corners are often a weak link in menu design. Minimal force applied in just the right spot may cause corners to come off, so care should be taken in storage and handling of menus to minimize actions that could catch on the back edge of the corner.

The larger KNG corner offers more protection of the menu with twice the holding of the smaller corner. Additionally, if the larger corner does get pulled off, it typically does not cause further damage to the menu.