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All Menu Cover Vinyls Are Not Equal

The type of vinyl used in your menu covers is very important.

Cheaper vinyl can discolor and warp in only a few months leaving your menu covers looking much older than they are.

At KNG we use only the highest grade vinyl which is specifically designed for menu covers. Here are just a few reasons why our vinyl is superior:

  • Our vinyl is resistant to most cleaning solutions preventing discoloration or warping. See article: Test Results: Best Cleaners For Menu Covers
  • Our vinyl is thicker than our competitors, making the menu covers less likely to tear
  • Our vinyl has excellent contact clarity making it extremely easy to read the actual menus.
  • Our vinyl is oil, grease, and moisture resistant making cleaning the menu covers very easy to do.
  • Our vinyl will keep its smooth, lay flat form where the competitors will become wavy over time.
  • Our vinyl has an extremely high impact strength which prevents cracking.